Heat In Phoenix Airport Makes It Too Dangerous For Planes


There is a heatwave in many parts of the world at the moment. In Portugal, the heat is causing forest fires, in England, temperatures are topping 35 degrees centigrade which is almost unheard of. In Arizona, in the US it has been too hot for planes to fly.

Yes, you read that right, many flights into Phoenix, Arizona have been cancelled due to “excessive heat”. Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, which is one of the 10 busiest in the US, has cancelled a number of flights because the high temperatures make the air thinner, reducing lift and impairing an aircraft’s performance.

Many American Airlines’ regional services use Canadian-build Bombardier CRJ aircraft, which are not certified to operate above 118F (48C). As a result, the airlines have cancelled more than fifty flights with Skywest and Compass Airlines under the American Eagle brand.

Temperatures in the Grand Canyon are expected to reach 116F (47C) and those who insist on hiking in these temperatures have been advised to wear big hats and sunscreen and to take plenty of water along with an electrolyte mix.

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