Best Art Inspired Hotel Rooms Around The World


There was a time in the ’90s and even the naughties where a uniformly consistent hotel room was what luxury travelers wanted. Stay in a Four Seasons hotel, and you know that you will get a certain level of luxury, a large bathroom with a double sink, a huge bath, and a separate toilet. Head on down to a Park Hyatt, and you will get a similar level of luxury but with a more modern and slick look.

Nowadays, many travelers want the guarantee of a certain level of luxury but without losing the personality and character of the place they are visiting. As a result, design hotels and art hotels have sprung up. Certain hotels even offer art-inspired rooms that pay homage to a theme, brand, or the local area.

In this article, I pick out 5 of my favorite art-inspired hotels and hotel rooms around the world that offer something completely different and rather special. If you are looking for a luxury stay with a twist, try one of these:

1. Park Hotel Tokyo – Artist Room Otafuku Face

The Park Hotel Tokyo is a beautiful hotel with views across Tokyo and a number of stunning art-inspired rooms. One of their most memorable rooms is Artist Room Otafuku Face, which has a rather trippy vibe. It celebrates beautiful plum blossom with a local woman with very brightly colored cheeks. Love it or hate it, you will never find another room like this one.

2. Atlantis by Giardino hotel – Hublot Room

We love the Atlantis by Giardino hotel, a resort on the edge of Zurich, with its incredible rooms, superb indoor and outdoor pools, and views across this iconic Swiss city. One particularly noteworthy room is the Hublot room with Hublot watches on show, some magnificent Hublot paintings, and some incredible Hublot clock-lights. If you would like to take one of the watches home, you can.. they will just add it to your bill.

3. Park Hotel Tokyo – Artist Room Festival

We are not biassed towards this hotel, but their rooms are truly extraordinary, and for us, Artist Room Festival (pictured above) has to come in our top 3 because of the truly unique, bright, and vibrancy of this room. Staying here is like staying in a circus!

4. Art Hotel Amsterdam

Being a 3-star hotel, this would not be my first pick for a hotel to stay in, in Amsterdam, but the Art hotel offers rooms with a backdrop of a Dutch canal surrounded in historic houses. Of course, being an art room, these houses are painted in bright reds, oranges, and blues, making this otherwise uninteresting rooms rather remarkable.

5. Hotel des Arts – San Francisco

Hotel des Arts has 43 rooms and each is painted by a different emerging artist. Located in the heart of downtown in San Francisco’s French Quarter and being around the corner from Chinatown and Union Square, this hotel seems to have absorbed this multicultural city into its walls. The result is an artistic and urban look to the rooms.

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