Virgin Galactic To Launch Spaceflight For Tourists Next Year


Virgin Galactic will be launching their very first commercial spaceflight in 2018. This follows news that the company has tested its re-entry system from Mojave Air and Space Port. Previously, the first solo glide flight of its ship known as the VSS Unity, was completed (end 2016).

The spaceships will have two pilots and six passengers and will be launched from the air. They will then take passenger to a distance of nearly 100 kilometers above the earth where passengers will experience a short time in microgravity and views showing the curvature of the earth.

How can I buy a ticket into space? Tickets for this journey are priced at $250,000 USD and to buy a ticket you need to first fill out this application form.

Virgin is not the only company promotings space tourism. Jeff Bezos of is also looking forward to start a new space travel venture known as Blue Origin which also hopes to initiate flights in 2018.

Almost as exciting are the commercial supersonic flights which will soon be launched transatlantic. This game changer, launching around 2020, will reintroduce Concorde like transatlantic Supersonic travel. The major players in this market are Boom, backed by Richard Branson, Spike Aerospace, Airbus and Aerion Corp. With prices expected to be around $5,000 USD a ticket, these will offer an exciting and faster alternative to First and Business when travelling transatlantic.

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