Laptop Ban Expected Today for Flights From Europe To USA & What To Do


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The blogosphere is buzzing with the news that from today 12th May 2017, Airlines are expected to ban laptops on flights from Europe to the USA. According to Fear Of Flying, “Acting on fears that terrorists can build bombs into laptops, Homeland Security has decided to expand the ban it imposed on Middle Eastern flights. Computers will now be checked as baggage”.

Why are laptops being banned on these flights?

Laptops are already banned on flights out of the Middle East based on fears that terrorists have found a way to convert laptops into bombs capable of bringing down an airplane.

Why is this worrying?

This ban could possibly cause danger on flights. Checked Laptops and tablets mean that electrical items with a history of lithium-ion battery fires could set off a deadly fire that will be impossible to contain.

Unrelated to dangers, this is also very annoying for flyers who were intending to work in-flight and need a full laptop to do this.

What can I do?

One answer, if you can’t do without your laptop, is to travel via Canada and then transfer (or drive) down to the US. Air Canada that has recently launched a new Executive Pod as part of their Business Class offering, which is very good. Another option is British Airways which also offers a reasonable long-haul Business Class offering.

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