Crazed Passenger Attacks Air Canada Crew With Coffee


An Air Canada plane flying to Toronto from Jamaica on Monday night had to be diverted to Orlando International Airport after a passenger become aggressive. The man tried to attack the crew with pots of coffee and then tried to open the cabin door while the aircraft was still in the air.

Crew members and passengers helped to secure the man to a seat using zip ties, according to Travel and world Tour.

The passenger apparently grabbed hold of a pot of coffee from the gallery and swung it aggressively at crew members, stating that it would require just a single man to bring the airplane down, and he was capable of doing that.

When he grabbed a second pot of coffee, flight attendants confronted him, at which point he reached for the rear cabin exit door and started pulling at the lever. He was finally restrained in a seat and held down with zip ties.

The incident went on for 45 minutes. Upon landing, he was arrested and charged.

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