The World’s Best Loos With Views That You Simply Must Visit


Some toilets have incredible views. In this article we take a tour of 12 of the world’s best loos or lavatories that just might be worth hopping on a plane to travel to…

1. Chateau Eza, Eze

When I stayed at Chateau Eza last year, I was slightly unnerved by dizzying heights which you look out upon. You are so high that helicopters fly under you but the vista from the bathroom makes a shower-with-a-view an unbelievable experience.

2. Toilet On The 68th Floor Of The Shard, London
The facilities at the UK’s tallest structure offer an amazing view over the City, with a corporate grey, chrome and white scheme. Unbelievably, you can also find a number of rooftop hotel pools in London.

3. Krafla, Iceland
This loo is pictured above doesn’t offer my privacy and can be found near Krafla geothermal power station. They can also freshen up with the somewhat less modern shower behind it.

4. Seoul Tower, Korea
Three state-of-the-art urinals along a curved window overlook the cityscape, with the added bonus of a central handwashing station. There is a chance you could drift off and forget what you went in there for.

5. Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt, Germany
Like the Seoul Tower, this offers a row of urinals looking out over the city, although these are bunched together and more functional-looking. They still offer a great view, however, looking out over Frankfurt’s skyscrapers and the Main river.

6. Toilet With A View In Sapporo Jr Tower, Japan
The Japanese are known for their simplistic designs and this single urinal tucked into a corner window is no exception. In pure white, with white tiles surrounding it, it’s the perfect place to clear your mind while admiring the view over the city.

7. Toilet View From The Moon Nightclub At The Palms In Las Vegas
Rated in the top five of Sin City’s nightclub bathrooms, this very glamorous water closet looks out over the twinkling lights of the world-famous Las Vegas strip. You might feel you are on another planet.

8. Bugaboos Toilet View
Another outdoor toilet, which, looks out over stunning snow-topped mountains. It’s made of thick green plastic, but offers slightly more privacy, with built-up sides.

9. Mount Shuksan, Washington, USA
At Mount Shuksan’s sulphide glacier base camp, in Washington, USA, the outdoor toilet gives a view over Mt. Baker. There is a little privacy as it is situated behind a rock, but you might want to take a blanket to put over your knees to stop them freezing.

10. Toilet Island, near Placencia, Belize
A real desert island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, Toilet Island has white sand and palm trees, with an indoor toilet that Robinson Crusoe would have loved.

11. Eco-Toilet, British Columbia, Canada
Campers will be familiar with composting toilets like this one, hidden in the depths of the Canadian forest, at Taylor Arm Provincial Park. It’s in a beautiful wild spot on the side of a lake, but watch out for the bears.

12. His ‘n’ Hers, Jericoacoara Beach, Brazil
These cute little shacks made from palm leaves and set on the sand are much nicer than most municipal beach toilets, and add to the vibe at Jericoacoara, which has been dubbed one of the world’s best beaches.

13. Jonsknuten, Kongsberg, Norway
Another basic toilet set in the mountains, but it does offer shelter and a roof. It overlooks the peak of Jonsknuten, but in order to enjoy the view, you will have to leave the door open.

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