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One of my greatest joys when travelling is buying unique pieces that tell a story; perhaps I met the designer when choosing or it was from a market stall where I spent a merry half an hour haggling or sometimes it’s just knowing that I’m supporting an original artist somewhere else in the world. To me this makes using and wearing these items on a day to day basis so much more meaningful and I love being able to share their stories whenever I’m complimented or asked where I got something.

Imagine then if you will, an online retailer that allows you to choose beautiful, luxury products made by local artisans and makers around the world. The Global Creator does just this; it’s like having your very own open-air market combined with an artisan shop, with a local designer boutique thrown in, all in your own living room!

The ranges divide into accessories, beauty, bags and homeware. The accessories include beautiful ethic jewellery and huge printed scarfs, and the beauty range features fine essential oils, as well as more traditional beauty products. In homeware, you’ll find wonderful illustrations and artwork, as well as stunning pottery and scented candles. The range is carefully curated; everything is beautiful and incredibly stylish and wouldn’t look out of place in high-end fashion and home magazines. Several of the products would also be perfect used when travelling; there’s a stunning leather backpack that begs to be worn in the cafes of Europe, a wonderful fedora that would keep the sun of out your eyes and a perfectly sized travel candle that would make any hotel room feel like home. The Ready for Departure collection highlights travel appropriate pieces and the Wellness on the Go collection is perfect for nurturing body and mind while exploring the world.

The owner and founder, Amy Lynne Hayes, is herself an artist, designer, and writer and is also totally passionate about her status as an incredibly well-travelled globetrotter. This passion translates into The Global Creator; Amy founded the business in 2016 and she hand selects each designer and chooses their most appropriate pieces for her store. Amy has travelled to more than 25 countries, she has also worked and studied in Melbourne, London and Paris, which has inspired her first collections for the brand. The website is as stylish as its products, they are beautifully photographed and presented and it’s easy to navigate, and all too easy to fall in love with its products!

If you are proud of your international credentials and consider yourself a well-travelled global citizen, then supporting this brand is a fantastic way to underline your identity. Ultimately you are buying a beautiful piece; but at the same time, you buy into something that is so much more; the chance to support local designers and artisans that otherwise you simply wouldn’t come across. Shopping locally but globally, with a story attached to what you buy. With each piece on the website comes a mini-story about its maker and there are also full features on some of the makers; telling their unique stories and showing them in their work environment, it’s fascinating to get such an insight into what’s behind the product that you buy.

If you love beautiful, artisan goods with a story attached and in your soul, you belong to the global community, then The Global Creator feels like a very natural fit and the perfect way to shop.

The Global Creator

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