Revealed: The 10 Best Secret Beaches On Earth


Can you keep a secret? If so, I want to share my favourite secret beaches on earth with you. After more years of travel than I like to mention, I feel qualified to pick a worthy selection of the best secret beaches in the world. Beaches that you are unlikely to have heard of and are even less likely to have visited.

Each beach comes with a story, such as the beach bordering the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ningaloo reef, where I tried to spend 3 nights sleeping in a swag bag. Sadly sleep eluded me because I spent the entire night imagining that one of the many deadly snakes in the outback was about to enter my swag and cuddle up to me. Nowadays you can stay in more salubrious surroundings at Sal Salis resort, where you can enjoy luxuries such as a bed and en suite bathroom with a nature-loo, and running water, all set in the dunes which border the beach and the reef.

I am also dearly fond of all the beaches in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, particularly Fermain bay which has an etherial quality; a paradise lost-style cove with sea bluer than you will see in the Mediterranean.

Finally, one must not forget the islands of Hawaii. They probably offer the largest concentration of beautiful beaches in the world. Although you may have been fortunate enough to visit some of these islands, most people don’t make it to the secluded beaches on Lanai where you will find some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

Here a list of my favourite secret beaches from around the world. For seclusion on remote shores, in the middle of nowhere, look no further!

The Best 10 Secret Beaches On Earth

Best Beaches In The World: Fraser Island, Australia

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Beaches don’t come more stunning than the vast expanses of sand bordered by crystal clear waters on Fraser Island off Queensland in Australia. In fact that there is so much sand here that the even roads are made of sand,… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Polihua Beach, Lanai, Hawaii

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Lanai is a private island off the coast of Maui which is so exclusive that you wont be bothered by crowds simply because not enough people go there to fill up the beaches. For an off-the-beaten-path beach, Lanai offers the… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Ningaloo Reef, Australia

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Near the top of Western Australia sits the Ningaloo Reef. This reef is incredible, largely because you step directly off the beach and straight onto the reef. This reef is home to turtles, reef sharks and millions of colourful fish.… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Cooper’s Beach In The Heavenly Hamptons

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If you live in NYC, it is necessary to escape the city at times. Two hours (without traffic…which can be rare) from Manhattan are the heavenly Hamptons. Stretching expanses of pristine beaches, sea grass dunes and a constant sea breeze… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Funauki Beach, Iriomote Island

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Almost completely covered in jungle and mangrove swamps, Iriomote is a wild island. Its few villages are sparse and predominately focused near the ferry terminal that shuttles visitors from nearby Ishigaki Island. Take a guided walk along one of the… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Kondoi Beach, Taketomi Island

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Only 75 miles off the coast of Taiwan, is the island of Ishigaki and few visitors to Japan make it this far out, despite a direct flight from Tokyo. The water around the island is so clear that, flying over… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Maehama Beach, Miyako-Jima Island

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Regularly voted Japan’s best beach by travel publications worldwide, it’s hard to be disappointed with the 7 km (4 miles) of sand so white that it glows in the sun. The beach shelves gently into calm, balmy water. The sea… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Koh Thmei Beach, Ream National Park

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Well for something totally different, this beach is made entirely of seashells! A totally captivating sight and really unusual, great for photographs. And it’s not just seashells, the Ream National Park houses several of Cambodia’s top beaches and the ones… Read More.

Best beaches In The World: Cable Beach Australia

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If you start at Perth and then head north, up Australia’s western coast as far as you can go, you will come to Cable Beach. Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Fermain Bay, Guernsey

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Guernsey has a very special place in my heart. The clifftop walks, the perfect cobbled harbour-side town of St Peter Port and the empty sandy beaches and smugglers coves keep me returning again and again. One of my favourite beaches… Read More.

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