From jellyfish to shark attacks, pollution to being boiled alive, the 10 most dangerous beaches in the world are pretty terrifying.

It is unwise to step into the appealing waters off any of these beaches. If you do; expect to end up in the mouth of a shark, to be washed away by tides, to be hit by lightening, to be stung by lethal jellyfish, to suffer terrible stomach pains from drinking polluted waters, or to be boiled alive.

Take your pick, the wildlife or conditions on these dangerous beaches will endeavour to damage you.

The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

Best Beaches In The World: Beach of the Dead (Playa de los Muertos)

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Playa Zipolite, Mexico is a low-key beach resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast. The beach has glorious golden sands and is set in a tiny and beautiful cove, stretching between two rocky headlands. Read More.

Dangerous Beaches: New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Florida’s beautiful New Smyrna Beach is also known as the “Shark Attack Capital of the World”. With a total of 238 attacks in and around the beach to date, this popular surfing spot seems to attract sharks. Read More.

Dangerous Beaches: Gansbaai, South Africa

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Gasbaai beach in South Africa is a place where you are likely to get a close encounter with a great white shark. Named the “Great White Shark Capital of the World” because of the sheer number of sharks found lurking… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Fraser Island, Australia

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Beaches don’t come more stunning than the vast expanses of sand bordered by crystal clear waters on Fraser Island off Queensland in Australia. In fact that there is so much sand here that the even roads are made of sand,… Read More.

Dangerous Beaches: Black Sand Beaches of Kilauea, Hawaii

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Unless you fancy boiling up – literally sizzling up in the seawater around the black sand beaches of Kilauea, these beautiful beaches are best avoided. Read More.

Dangerous Beaches: Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai

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Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai is one of the world’s most polluted beaches. Located at the foot of Malabar Hill, this is where locals come to promenade and escape the claustrophobia of central Mumbai. Read More.

Dangerous Beaches: Tiwi Islands, North Australia

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The beautiful Tiwi Islands lay of the Northern Territory of Australia, where the Arafura Sea joins the Timor Sea. Known as ‘the islands of smiles’, the Tiwi Islands comprise Bathurst and Melville Island, and nine smaller uninhabited islands: Buchanan, Harris,… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Mindil Beach, Darwin, Australia

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Darwin is closer to Indonesia’s Capital than it is to its own. This remote city is on the north coast of the Northern Territory in Australia. Read More.

Deadly Beaches: Clearwater in Florida

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Lightning is a massive danger on beaches. On a beach, humans are the highest point, which means that they attract lightning during storms. In America, beautiful beaches, such as New Smyrna (pictured above) and Clearwater in Florida, the Lightning Capital… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Crosby Beach Near Liverpool

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Liverpool is not only famous for the Beatles. It is also near by the beautiful Crosby Beach which is not only a stunning sandy beach, but it is also know for Another Place, the spectacular, if rather creepy sculptures by… Read More.

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