Top 5 Nature & Adventure Tours In Tenerife


For a little more than a relaxing, party break when you visit Tenerife, check out Travel Tenerife and their fabulous range of nature and adventure tours.

There’s a whole heap more to Tenerife then just lazing on sandy beaches and a great nightlife scene (although personally, I would always include a little of these in your trip too!). Adventure and nature tours are popular here and a lot of them centre around the majestic beast of Mount Teide; a volcano with a 3,718-metre summit – the highest point in Spain. Travel Tenerife offer unique, luxury excursions with an adventurous edge. A truly international company, languages spoken on their tours include English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish and Dutch. Their skills and efforts were formally recognised recently when they were awarded The World Tour Operator of the year 2016! My top 5 recommendations of nature and adventure tours in Tenerife are…

1. Stargazing Experience on Teide by Night

Mount Teide is always spectacular with its incredibly impressive crater landscape, but there’s nothing that can quite rival going there at night. All the other tourists have gone for the day and with a total lack of light pollution; a vast blanket of thousands of stars is all that’s left. Your guide will use professional telescopes and astrophotography equipment to allow you to gaze upon the Milky Way; observing galaxies, clusters, nebulas and pointing out constellations. Their subject knowledge is impressive and you’ll learn a lot as well as hearing stories and legends. This beautiful night will be topped off with a glass of champagne or maybe a hot drink and snack to ensure you’re nice and warm!

2. Trekking Teide

To appreciate Mount Teide by day, trekking this amazing landmark will allow you to experience wonders that can only be seen on foot. Hidden secrets are discovered, including Montana Guajara, an abandoned village which makes an ideal spot for a delicious hot lunch. This is a whole day out and the actual trek lasts for 4 hours and is easy to moderate in difficulty, professional trekking shoes and Nordic walking sticks are provided. Best of all, photos are taken during the trek so that you will always remember your experience and can share it with everyone back home.

3. Teide Sunrise

If you like the sound of the stargazing tour but wanted it to last just a little bit longer, well then this is the one for you! First, a cable car will take you most of the way up Mount Teide and then you trek the rest, after a hot meal and of course some stargazing, you camp the night (directly under the stars if it’s warm enough) and then wake super early to trek to the summit and here the real magic begins! Breakfast with the most unbelievable sunrise of your life. Viewing the sunrise from the highest point of the whole Atlantic Ocean is an amazing experience. All the equipment is provided, they’ll even take photos for you so just turn up and have the time of your life.

4. The Cave of Winds

Ideal for organised groups, this tour takes you into the heart of the Volcano Teide. At 18.5km, Cueva del Viento is the longest volcanic cave in Europe. It is unique as it consists of 3 levels and has a fascinating geology and history, knowing that lava once flowed where you now walk is really quite extraordinary. The total silence inside is staggering too and in your small tour group you can really appreciate it. The tour takes about 2 and a half hours and is of medium difficulty, a meal afterwards in a traditional Canarian restaurant is included and will be very welcome!

5. Trekking Masca

For a more advanced trek than the Trekking Teide tour, try this Trekking Masca tour instead. You are taken up the mountains by car and then descend the Masca ravines on foot. This unique place has its own exceptional microclimate so the fauns and flora are simply stunning. The views are breath-taking on the way down and your guide will share lots of interesting facts about the nature in the valley. When you reach Masca Bay, a delicious and very welcome hot meal awaits! You can swim and relax on the beach before a boat trip takes you to the port of Los Gigantes and back to the town. Everything is provided for you on the trek including proper trekking shoes and the tour lasts for around 8 hours.

Make your trip to Tenerife a bit more memorable with a wonderful adventure getting close to nature with a Travel Tenerife tour.

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