The Top 5 Beaches On St Martin In The Caribbean


Nestled in the Caribbean archipelago, between Anguilla and St Barths, St Martin is 37 square miles of beautiful beaches and impressive landscapes. It is possible to drive round the island in a couple of hours, but there are so many places you could stop to swim in the sea and lie on the beach that you would need a longer holiday. To help you out, here are our 5 top beaches to visit.

Top 5 Beaches On St Martin

Best 5 Beaches The Caribbean: Pinel Island Beach On St Martin

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Pinel Island beach was so good that we went back on more than one occasion. Located on an uninhabited island just of the north east coast, access is provided by a ferry. Once on the island, there are two restaurant… Read More.

Best 5 Beaches The Caribbean: Mercure Beach On St Martin

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The sea on the Caribbean side of the sand bar that forms the lagoon on St Martin can be a bit rough at times, especially when the wind is blowing, so the beach on the lagoon side offers a little… Read More.

Best 5 Beaches The Caribbean: Tintemarre Beach On St Martin

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Located on a deserted island 3km off the north east coast of St Martin, the only way to get to Tintemarre Beach is by boat. It is part of the island’s nature reserve and the waters around it are full… Read More.

Best Beaches The Caribbean: Maho Beach In St Martin

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You are not going to come to St Martin without venturing to the Dutch side, or Sint Maarten as it is called, to see Maho Beach. This is not a place to search for peace and quiet, given that it… Read More.

Best 5 Beaches The Caribbean: Baie Rouge On St Martin

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Situated on the west side of the island of St Martin on the Caribbean sea, Baie Rouge is a long, curving bay with impressive waves and soft, golden sands. At the north end, there is a car park and two… Read More.

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