Revealed: The 3 Biggest Tourist Attractions In America

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If your definition of a big tourist attraction is the attraction with the largest visitor numbers, then get ready to be surprised by the biggest tourist attractions in America. Yellowstone, Vegas and Disney do not make it into our top 3, in fact the ever popular Vegas comes in at number 4 and we have covered where you need to stay in our top 3 suites in Las Vegas.

Instead the largest attractions in America are based on the East Coast and within cities. Here are the top three:

1. New York’s Times Square – 50 Million Visitors

Visitors are attracted to New York’s Times Square by the enormous and iconic neon signs, it’s proximity to shopping opportunities, nearby Broadway shows and to experience a scene showcased in so many movies. This five-block intersection is instantly recognisable. It is a great place to grab a typically American big breakfast, or take a seat outside a café, and enjoy watching city life pass by from the sidewalk.

Source – The Times Square Alliance

2. Central Park, New York – 40 Million Visitors

Central Park didn’t used to be this popular. In the 1970’s, when industrial decline and economic stagnation led to the dramatic downturn for America’s largest city, Central Park became a barren wasteland of graffiti and crime. A place that tourists would be unlikely to visit by day let alone at night. The green heart of New York was, back then, home to many famous murders.

These days the picture is very different. The 843 acres of paths, lawns, lakes, and gardens have been transformed into an oasis in the centre of Manhattan. Walk, jog, skate, bike, row, boat or even ride in a horse-drawn carriage around this beautiful park. Highlights include the classic view from Central Park’s Pond & Gapstow Bridge and strolling under the leafy canopy of The Mall, the celebrated promenade lined by towering elm trees.

Source: Central Park Conservancy

3. Union Station, Washington 36 Million Visitors

Opened in 1907, this grand central train station is a superbly restored historic gateway incorporating a station and shopping centre. Located just blocks from the U.S. Capitol it is Amtrak’s headquarters and the railroad’s second-busiest station. This Beaux-Arts landmark is inspiring. The front of the station, on Columbus Circle, presents travellers with a soaring vaulted entryway. The 96-foot high Main Hall coffered ceiling shines with gold leaf and bathes the station and travellers in natural light.

Source – CJF Marketing International

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