Dangerous Beaches: Tiwi Islands, North Australia


The beautiful Tiwi Islands lay of the Northern Territory of Australia, where the Arafura Sea joins the Timor Sea. Known as ‘the islands of smiles’, the Tiwi Islands comprise Bathurst and Melville Island, and nine smaller uninhabited islands: Buchanan, Harris, Seagull, Karslake, Irritutu, Clift, Turiturina, Matingalia and Nodlaw.

Tourism is restricted on these islands but you can take a day trip to the island from Darwin by air or ferry, and get an insight into the life of a modern Aboriginal community. You will need to book a pre-arranged tour with an Aboriginal guide and you will need a permit to visit.

Why go? The islands are covered in rainforest and come complete with beautiful waterfalls and plunge pools but beware, if you are tempted to bathe off one of the stunning white sand beaches, you risk being stung by a box jellyfish which are prolific in these waters. The tours do not take you to the beaches and you can’t go off on your own and explore them but maybe this is not such a bad thing. In 2007 a 6 year old boy was tragically killed by a jelly fish off these pretty but deadly beaches.

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