Create A Five Star Hotel Bathroom At Home


We have all been guilty of yearning for the flawlessness of a hotel bathroom that the bathrooms of our own homes will never quite live up to. With this daunting ambition in mind, adding a range of luxury baths and accessories to your own home can often be an intimidating prospect. Creating a bathroom befitting of a five-star hotel does not however demand an effort of Herculean proportions. Here are a few simple steps you can take to compose a bathroom you will cherish forever.

Don’t mirror the rest

When it comes to your own bathroom, homeowners tend to avoid putting any significant effort into choosing a mirror, and end up settling for something that is a pale imitation of true luxury. Selecting a mirror with a unique shape, texture or feature will differentiate your bathroom from the rest and engender your bathroom with the sense of spectacle that is so synonymous with a lavish hotel.

Oh, The Vanity

A vanity with flair is indicative of finesse and refinement. Walnut vanity units, for example, are a refreshingly different option from their obtuse, white counterparts. Again, rebelling against orthodoxy is the key in generating a bathroom that feels exclusive and high-class.

Panels Can Generate Space As Well As Electricity

Balancing an air of intimacy and privacy with visual sophistication, elegant shower panels are a sure-fire way to create a luxurious bathroom. Coupled with a sleek shower tray, a suave shower panel will banish any claustrophobic bulky fittings to yesteryear, cleverly creating the illusion of space that is undeniably a fixture of any high-end hotel bathroom.

Wallpaper Over Tiles

Tiling your bathroom is an unnecessary expenditure that merely serves to reinforce a dull, dated look. Renouncing tiles in favour of more expressive wallpaper is an audacious move, but one that if pulled off correctly, is a real signifier of opulence.

Brass And Copper Over Chrome

Chrome is woefully overrepresented in modern bathrooms everywhere. It adds little in the way of character, and is best missed in favour of brass and copper if you truly crave a look of authenticity. You don’t need to replace all your fittings though, a tastefully positioned soap dish or small mirror can speak just as loudly.

Contain yourself

Although it sounds like a small step, storing all your bathroom utensils in a stylish manner reeks of effortless sophistication. Enclosing your bathroom belongings in a small hurricane jar or wooden box can be indicative of the refinement so irrevocably intertwined with our Victorian ancestors.

If there is one definitive quality of every truly high-end hotel, it is to create a sense of exclusivity. As though no other place in the world could offer you a superior experience. Creating this kind of exclusive environment in your own home demands an aura of individuality that typical interior decoration simply fails to offer. So strive to be bold!

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