Humans seem to be drawn to beaches, and although remote beaches are hugely appealing, most of the world’s population lives in a city so the chances are that the nearest beach to you will be an urban or city beach.

Even when you are on vacation, you may still be staying on the edge of a city so your beach, once again, it likely to be backed by a cityscape. In this article I look at the world’s most iconic urban beaches. The best places to go when you are city bound and want to catch some sun on the sand. All these beaches are fantastic, famous and worth a visit.

In my selection, Waikiki is warm and tropical as is Miami Beach. In fact, Miami beach has two faces, “South Beach” pictured above and “North Beach” where you will find a mix of high end hotels such as the gorgeous new Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club. Bondi and Coogee are famous urban beaches on the shoreline of Sydney. And of course Ipanema beach is so iconic that a song has been written about it!

Most Iconic Urban Beaches In The World

Best Beaches In The World: Ipanema

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Chic Ipanema beach is where the summer happens in Rio, and who doesn’t love the ’60s song about the girl From Ipanema? Ipanema beach was also the launch pad for the skimpy tanga bikini (and less appealingly, the crocheted G-string… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

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The beach at Waikiki is certainly not a beach to get away from it all. Bordering the city of Waikiki, the tourism hub of the Hawaiian Islands, this beach is busy and fun. It is protected from the ocean by… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Miami Beach

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Miami Beach is split into North and South. South beach offers art deco buildings forming the iconic neon skyline which most people imagine when they think of Miami. This part of the beach beach sits in front of a promenade… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Coogee, Sydney

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Coogee beach is neither remote nor crowd free, but it is beautiful nonetheless as you can see from the picture above taken just days ago by one of our roving reporters. Coogee is situated in the suburbs of Sydney, just… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Bondi, Sydney

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When I first visited Bondi beach i was horribly disappointed. Because of it’s fame, i was expecting a tropical bounty-style beach bordered by palm trees swaying in the breeze. I could not have been more wrong; in fact Bondi beach… Read More.

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