Best Beaches In The World: Fraser Island, Australia


Beaches don’t come more stunning than the vast expanses of sand bordered by crystal clear waters on Fraser Island off Queensland in Australia. In fact that there is so much sand here that the even roads are made of sand, so your 4×4 needs to navigate along pathways surrounded by thick tropical foliage with sand instead of tarmac underneath.

It is difficult not to fall in love with the magnificent Fraser Island. Reached by a ferry, the exclusive resorts on the island also house backpacker rooms so the island is accessible to everyone. And the beach is miles and miles of white sand (75 miles actually). There is so much sand, the whole island is made of sand, that an inland lake also has vast beaches and the main 75 mile beach is also used as a landing strip for planes and is officially designated as a main road. And even with the multi-purpose use of this beach, there is still masses of sand and space to sunbathe completely alone.

We challenge you not to fall in love with both Fraser Island and it’s beaches, but these beaches can be deadly. The waters surrounding the island have strong rip currents and are well stocked with sharks and jellyfish. Other local wildlife includes saltwater crocodiles, deadly spiders and dingoes (wild dogs), which have been known to attack children.

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