The Best Beaches In North America For A Sunset Drink


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Is there anything more romantic than a sunset drink on the beach? Dipping your toes ocean, relaxing on the warm sand, watching the sky turn shades of red and reflecting on the glass-like sea. Yep, there are few better ways to spend the evening.

AIX Rosé is perhaps the perfect tipple for a sunset drink. Not only do the pink hues of this drink match the sky but Rosé is well known as the ultimate summer drink. A nice glass of chilled AIX (brink your cooler) is hard to resist when popped open on the beach.

We have picked the top beaches in North America for a sunset drink. Largely on the West Coast (as the sun sets in the West), you simply can’t go wrong with an evening on one of these glorious beaches and a glass of Rosé that matches the sunset.

The Best Beaches In North America For A Sunset Drink

Best Beaches In North America: Pfeiffer Beach In Big Sur, California

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Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur is definitely off the beaten path. Located just south of Big Sur Station on Highway 1, take the narrow Sycamore Canyon Road (with no signposts!) which winds down to the shore. There is a parking… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Cowell Ranch Beach, California

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Cowell Ranch Beach On Half Moon Bay is one of the best beaches in California. It sits south of Half Moon Bay State Beach on California 1. This can only be reached from a small car park by a yellow… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Bowling Ball Beach, California

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Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino County, California is a secluded, quiet beach on the West Coast. Bowling Ball Beach is a part of Schooner Gulch State Beach, in Mendocino County. Named after the spherical sandstone formations, which look kind of… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Alamere Falls Beach, California

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Alamere Falls Beach at Point Reyes National Seashore is a hidden, crowd-free beach in California. Go here simply for the Alamere waterfall which cascades into the sands and ocean below bUT this beach requires a hike, 4 miles each way.… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Possibly the most breathtaking beach on the Oregon coast is Cannon Beach, bordered by a pretty town. Wander around the town with touristy-but-nice art galleries and gift shops and then head out to walk across the sands and go for… Read More.

Best Beaches In North America: Tonquin Beach, Vancouver Island

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Tonquin Beach sits on a peninsula within Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. The scenery here is beautiful; wild and natural, made up from lakes, inlets and ancient rainforest. The sandy beaches on Vancouver Island are some… Read More.

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