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If you live in NYC, it is necessary to escape the city at times. Two hours (without traffic…which can be rare) from Manhattan are the heavenly Hamptons. Stretching expanses of pristine beaches, sea grass dunes and a constant sea breeze beckon, offering an idyllic escape from the concrete jungle.

Travel by car is, in my opinion, is the best way to get to all corners of the Hamptons. Bikes are also an option when visiting. While car traffic can be heavy during the summer months, the main roads can also be quite busy for bikers so you’d need to take extra caution. With a car you’re able to explore the pretty villages in the region. The traffic from NYC to the Hamptons on the weekends during the summer is notoriously terrible so be forewarned. From NYC you can catch a train to the Hamptons, but act fast because these trains sell out as soon as the tickets go on sale. Another option, if in a hurry or looking to splash some cash, is to arrive via helicopter. Regular service to and from the Hamptons can be booked. Note that these options leave you without a car, but offer their own perks certainly.

The beach is the reason to come to the Hamptons but before you head to the sands, meandered a bit to take a look at some of the local homes and beautiful streets. Stunning homes and centuries old oak trees lining the wide roadways create a picturesque and classic northeast scene. Taking in a bit of the sunset at the beach, we watched the locals stroll. Some were out with their dogs for their nightly walk while others enjoyed conversation sauntering along the shore. It all seemed so perfect. I kept thinking how lucky the locals were to have this sort of daily ritual to partake in. It was a scene that encouraged daydreaming for sure.

We were able to spend the day at Cooper’s Beach (pictured above), a locals-only beach throughout the summer season. I suggest going just before the high season begins as we did. The sunbathers were sparse and Cooper’s is a picture perfect beach complete with beachside grill where you can order lunch and bathrooms for beachgoers. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a spot that you know is one of the best if it’s reserved for the locals during the season.

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