Did you know that airline oxygen masks only Last 15 Minutes? Yes it is true! If there is an emergency and the cabin is depressurised, the oxygen masks that come down from the roof are attached to tanks typically with only 15 minutes worth of supply per person.

Why Should You Put Your Mask On First?

During a loss of cabin pressure, it is likely that the air would be so thin and contain so little oxygen that the average person would pass out in about 15 seconds without the help of an oxygen mask. This is why the flight attendant safety demonstration tells you to put on your own mask before helping others. If you put the mask on your child first, you could potentially pass out before you are able to put on your own mask.

Why Is There Only 15 Minutes Of Oxygen In My Mask?

Usually 15 minutes is plenty of time for the pilot to get the plane to a safe altitude where masks aren’t needed anymore.

Hopefully the nightmare scenario of needing these will never happen to you, but if it does, it is good to know that you have 15 minutes of oxygen supply…. isnt it?

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