The 4 Most Deadly Beaches On Earth


From jellyfish to shark attacks, Australia has the reputation of housing some of the most deadly beaches in the world, but there are a number of beaches around the world that it is unwise to step into the appealing waters.

Beaches 1 and 2 in this list suffer particularly badly from the box jellyfish which has the most rapidly acting venom among all different types of jellyfish and can cause cardiac arrest and death within five minutes of being stung.

Lightning is another threat often overlooked. In America there is a much higher chance of being hit by lightening than being bitten by a shark. And even in safe old England, sinking sands are a risk, expect to sink up to your waist which is not ideal with quick moving incoming times…

This is my list of the top most beautiful but deadly beaches in the world. Enjoy them at your peril.

The Most Deadly Beaches On Earth

Dangerous Beaches: Tiwi Islands, North Australia

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The beautiful Tiwi Islands lay of the Northern Territory of Australia, where the Arafura Sea joins the Timor Sea. Known as ‘the islands of smiles’, the Tiwi Islands comprise Bathurst and Melville Island, and nine smaller uninhabited islands: Buchanan, Harris,… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Mindil Beach, Darwin, Australia

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Darwin is closer to Indonesia’s Capital than it is to its own. This remote city is on the north coast of the Northern Territory in Australia. Read More.

Deadly Beaches: Clearwater in Florida

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Lightning is a massive danger on beaches. On a beach, humans are the highest point, which means that they attract lightning during storms. In America, beautiful beaches, such as New Smyrna (pictured above) and Clearwater in Florida, the Lightning Capital… Read More.

Best Beaches In The World: Crosby Beach Near Liverpool

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Liverpool is not only famous for the Beatles. It is also near by the beautiful Crosby Beach which is not only a stunning sandy beach, but it is also know for Another Place, the spectacular, if rather creepy sculptures by… Read More.

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