A Solution To Floppy Head Syndrome With The SleepX(R) Neckrest

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As a frequent business traveller, I spend a lot of time in the air and a large proportion of this time is in total discomfort and restlessness! For business or first class journeys a lot of the discomfort can be avoided but you’re not always given the option to choose your class when flying for professional reasons and being stuck in economy on a long-haul flight with worsening neck pain and not being able to get to sleep is really dire! After years trying those terrible airport pillows, I have finally found a far superior solution that genuinely offers a solution to travel neck aches and sleepless journeys: the Unique SleepX(R) Neckrest Travel Solution.

The SleepX® neckrest consists of a soft and cosy pad which fits perfectly between your chest and your chin to provide comfort and stability for your head when upright. It’s pretty much the opposite of those old-school pillows as it works to stop your head from tipping forwards which tends to happen as soon as your neck muscles relax when you drift off; so not only does it keep your neck more comfortable, but it also stops those irritating moments when you jerk yourself awake because your head has dropped forwards – plus those moments are far too amusing for your travel companions so much better to limit them!

The SleepX® includes a comfortable and adjustable neck strap, with a patented buckle, that helps to keep the pad safely in position. It is lightweight – 140g lighter than the typical mobile phone to be precise; small and easily compact enough to pop in your bag. The design is great too, it’s subtle enough and has a pretty cool finish so you won’t be embarrassed wearing it. To be honest, you really won’t care anyway, you’ll be far too busy sleeping soundly and waking free of neck pain. The SleepX® neckrest is also perfect for anyone travelling in planes, buses, trains, tubes and cars or basically anywhere where you are confined to sitting upright for long periods of time.

The product came about after it’s developer, a frequent business traveller like myself, suffered from one too many long, sleepless flights and something twigged. As engineer by trade, he was the ideal person to develop a successful solution to the problem.

Say hello to comfortable sleep in economy class and goodbye to turning up at meetings half asleep with your ultimate travel companion, the SleepX®!


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