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When a glamourous urban location beckons, but you also want an adrenaline pumping, activity break, there’s few cities in the world that can rival Miami. With its colourful art deco architecture, on trend night scene, fabulous shopping and white sandy beaches it’s the city of the moment; plus, now you can make it an active adventure break too and learn to FlyBoard with Miami Beach Flyboard! Miami, which is in Florida, can be reached from London in under 10 hours with a range of airlines flying the route, including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

The plane over isn’t the only time that you’ll be flying! Childhood dreams of soaring through the skies can come to fruition with Flyboarding. A FlyBoard is a watersports device that is connected to and powered by a personal watercraft or jet ski, this allows propulsion both under the water and also through the air. You wear wakeboard boots which connect to the board and the water pressure literally lifts you into the air and it’s as if you are taking off! It’s a little like snowboarding or skateboarding, but just with a little more flying involved. Your arms are free to help balance or just wave to your fans!

During the session, a certified trainer controls the power and therefore determines how high you can go, so you are totally safe, you can chat to the instructor while in the water too. You control the movements by tilting your feet, bending your knees and shifting body weight around, and when you want, it’s under the water you go! Every session includes flying like a superhero, cruising around underwater and diving from the sky down under the water just like a dolphin; how awesome does that sound?!

The company are located in the heart of South Beach in the prestigious Miami Beach Marina; so not only are you flying above the ocean, but you are doing so in beautiful surroundings. The instructors are used to nervous guests, so even if you’re not great with heights, they are very supportive and it’s a great way to overcome your fears. They offer a lot of tips and feedback but it’s one of those things that looks difficult at first, but is surprisingly easy once you give it a go. You are given a 15-minute safety briefing before take-off and life jackets and helmets are always worn. You don’t need to be able to swim like a pro as the safety equipment will support you in the water.

As well as the actual Flyboarding part, the experience can either include a boat trip through Miami Bay – perfect for playing spot the celebrity mansion, or some time jet skiing action, as well as some time hanging out on a Paradise Island; just what you need to chill after your adventure. It’s a perfect activity to do with a group too, as watching your friends is almost as fun as doing it yourself!

For an unforgettable adrenalin thrill in fabulous surroundings, there’s really nothing to compare to FlyBoarding – one for the bucket list for sure and Miami Beach FlyBoard are the perfect people to help you tick it off. Just don’t forget your towel!

Miami Beach FlyBoard

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