Why do we pass so much gas on planes? Originally I thought it was just me, but following extensive conversation with my fellow frequent fliers, I realise this is a problem endured by all passengers.

This is a real problem; flatulence from goats caused a Singapore Airlines aircraft to make an emergency landing.

Usually the situation don’t reach the point where an aircraft has to declare a state of emergency, but passing gas on a plane is something that happens because changes in air pressure cause the body to emit more gas. It is unavoidable.

How To Avoid Wind On A Plane

Beans should be avoided. As the rhyme says “good for your heart but make you fart”. Having said this, a recent experiment found that beans are not nearly as inflammatory as most would believe, with effects differing widely from person to person. Foods known to reduce flatulence include fish, rice, dairy products, fish and strained fruit juice – since they leave less waste in the gut for fermentation making them a good choice.

So the solution; minimise eating and drinking too much before a flight. Avoid excess of beans, lentils and vegetables along with fizzy drinks. Stick to fish, rice, dairy products, fish and strained fruit juice.

And if your neighbour has wind problems on a plane? Simply endure and tolerate. They must have hit the pre-flight buffet one too many times..

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