I travel on British Airways 20+ times a year and because I collect Avios I usually travel in Club Europe, which is the British Airways Business Class within Europe (I have written about whether it is worth spending Avios on Club Europe).

Why do I spend my cash or my Avios on Club Europe?

In no particular order:
I love the Galleries Club and Business pre-flight lounges. In fact I reviewed the new Business lounge at Gatwick South before my flight and have previously reviewed all the British Airways lounges in London Heathrow Terminal 5.
There is more width to the Club Europe seat (1.5x including the tray between seats) so I can read a newspaper.
The table, which is the width of a seat, between each seat in Club Europe, means that you are never on top of your neighbour.
I like the airline staff, who have more time to care for you in Club Europe.
I like the British Airways pilots, who are well trained. I trust them to be capable of getting the plane out of a sticky situation.
I like getting an in-flight meal and drink to help pass the time in-flight.

Sadly, more recently it seems all meal services are being downgraded. From the removal of any free food and drink in BA Euro Traveller or economy to the downgrade of the Club Europe meals. Frankly there was no excuse for what I was served on my last Club Europe flight earlier this week and pictured above. When you compare this to what I was expecting (you can find a picture of what I was expecting in my article on afternoon tea on BA) it really was a poor effort.

I was given 3 rather revolting sandwiches and a disgusting slice of brown cake thing. No scones. Nothing fresh at all. Even the tea was undrinkable and made my eyes water.

So I am left with a conundrum, I still love the pre-flight lounges out of the London terminals, I still respect the pilots, find the staff excellent and enjoy not being on top of my neighbour.. But there only is so much battering this frequent flyer will take before I feel that the Club offering within Europe is simply taking me for a fool.

For now I will continue flying out of London in Club Class, but on the way back, when I can use my Priority Pass to access the same pre flight lounges, the disgraceful food offering on my last flight has convinced me to return in economy (Euro Traveller)

British Airways features in my top Business Class Airlines and I compare British Airways Club World Vs Virgin Atlantic Upper Class including the Galleries Lounges Vs Virgin’s Clubhouses. I have also reviewed a number of my European Business Class flights.

British Airways

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