DELA ÉVA – Stunning Luxury Leather Handbags with A Twist


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Have you ever admired a particularly unusual and alluring handbag casually slung over the shoulder of an incredibly chic woman? If so, she might well be wearing a DELA ÉVA, one of my new favourite designers. DELA ÉVA handbags are unique in design, combining a little womenswear style and functionality with the beautiful shapes, fabrics and designs of an accessory, altogether creating a must-have fashion staple for every wardrobe!

DELA ÉVA takes pleasure in challenging the common preconceptions of what fashion can or can’t be – why shouldn’t a handbag offer the warmth of a poncho, have a wonderful brass push-cap lid or be finished with a Renaissance ruffle? DELA ÉVA’s meticulous attention to detail and courage to break rules ensures each design offers something highly unusual and outstanding.

DELA ÉVA has been created by Ninja Evangelista (also known as ‘Ninz’), an incredible Fashion Accessory Designer, who was born in Vienna, Austria, before moving to London to study fashion design at the prestigious London College of Fashion – University of the Arts and start her own fashion brand. During her studies, Ninja did an Internship with Vivienne Westwood and was International Brand Ambassador for Clarks Original. Fashion is her passion and besides designing, she also very much enjoys writing about fashion and worked as a freelance Fashion Journalist for the Burda Media office in London (covering the German issues of InStyle, ELLE, Cover, Donna, Burda Style and Freundin).

DELA ÉVA is the epitome of Ninz herself, her experiences and visions. Each of her timeless designs offers a little quirk or twist, combing old and new, taking inspiration from classic masterpieces and architecture, whilst being inspired and suited to the modern world of today. Her favourite quote from Dr. Seuss is: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – which more than explains her fascinating take on life. Her first collection: ‘Theatre of Dreams’ illustrates the power of our dreams and each of the designs has been visualised by Ninz’ very own dreams.

Always ensuring she offers the highest standards in both quality and finish, all DELA ÉVA bags are handmade in England and Italy, with materials carefully sourced from quality suppliers in Italy, France, the UK and Austria. And because of the exclusivity of many of the materials Ninz uses, the quantity of handbags produced in each design is strictly limited, making every DELA ÉVA handbag something to be treasured.

These limited edition and truly stunning wardrobe staples will add the perfect wow-factor to any outfit and are sure to gather compliments, so make sure you snap one up before you miss out!

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