Blomdahl – Skin Friendly Jewellery With Swarovski Crystals


What do you wear every day? A bracelet and wedding ring? Perhaps a favourite necklace. But what does your skin think about the jewellery you wear?

Skin is the body’s defence against danger. It can therefore take a beating if it reacts to a metal or product that irritates. Nickel allergy is the most common contact allergy, but jewellery can contain many other allergenic substances, such as cobalt, gold, epoxy and acrylates. Cheap jewellery can even contain toxic, carcinogenic or other inappropriate substances such as lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA). If you can develop a nickel allergy if you wear jewellery that contains nickel it is an allergy that stays with you for life.

A safe way of choosing skin friendly jewellery is to choose Blomdahl. Blomdahl is jewellery developed in consultation with skin specialists. Earrings that are proven to be skin friendly. Many allergic people who have tried our jewellery testify that they can wear earrings for the first time. I am one of these people. Earrings have always irritated me, so much so that I simply stopped wearing them.

For the first time in my life I can now wear earrings without itching and all the other horridness that comes with irritated skin.

Blomdahl choose from carefully selected titanium and plastic, of pure medical quality for their earrings and nose jewellery. The coating is only applied to the parts of the earrings or nose jewellery that don’t come into close contact with your skin.

Best of all, many of the pieces are encrusted in sparkling Swarovski crystals making them look beautiful! My favourites are the oh-so-cute flower earrings and the sparkly Swarovski crystal hoops.

Bracelets and necklaces from Blomdahl have a beautiful and skin friendly gold or silver coloured coating. As chains and pendants do not sit as close to the skin as rings, earrings and nose jewellery do, they can be completely covered with our skin friendly coating. To protect your skin and your health, Blomdahl uses a coating that has been developed in consultation with skin specialists.

Blomdahl is recommended for children and adults who want to be able to wear jewellery every day, without it posing a health risk.

Blomdahl is designed and made in Sweden, which means they have full control over the entire process. From the suppliers, to the finished jewellery, to the delivery to the store or salon so that they can guarantee the jewellery is kind to your skin.

Blomdahl Medical

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