9 Amazing Views To Make You Jump Out Of Bed


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Imagine waking up to a view of waves crashing on rocks or watching the sun rising above an azure horizon. This might seem like the stuff dreams are made of, but for some lucky people it is a reality. Just take a look at these ten bedroom views to see how these folks start their day.

1. The Minimalist Choice

Who needs lots of bedroom accessories when you could lie in your choice of limelight beds and enjoy an all-round view of a tropical paradise? This minimalist haven makes the most of the spectacular views thanks to its walls of glass, whilst its wooden roof injects an element of comfort that the windows cannot provide.

2. The Snug Hideaway

The abundance of natural materials used to create this stunning bedroom creates a hideaway atmosphere that fits in perfectly with its oceanic location. This is the sort of room that you might struggle to leave, whether it was scorching sunshine or rain outside.

3. The Open-Plan Option

This room makes the most of the mountain and sea view by avoiding excessive structural clutter and floor length windows. The neutral colours along with the wooden and brick architecture boats a soft and clean look. The view is certainly the focus of the whole space.

4. The Small One

This space proves that a bedroom does not have to be big to have a beautiful view. It may not be large, but it has huge appeal thanks to its vista, which takes in both the water and a more urban-looking horizon. There is also land-based activity just below the windows, meaning that the occupants of this room would never be short of things to watch. It’s likely that you could afford to get rid of the television here!

5. The Beach Bedroom

The use of neutral sandy colours brings the beach into this stunning coastal room. The tones perfectly complement the blue of the sea, whilst the window couch is a perfect finishing touch to sit back and admire the view.

6. The Elegant Space

The combination of crystal-clear waters and a view you can step right out to that runs the whole length of the room makes this bedroom one of the most spectacular on the planet. Inside, the use of lighting and thick pillows add to the feelings of comfort and opulence, which perfectly complement the natural materials and the multi-aspect design.

7. A Floating Feeling

With windows to the ceiling and refreshingly white interior, this bedroom feels like it is nestled in the clouds and perfectly complements the crystal clear waters and bright blue sky.

8. A Contemporary Masterpiece

A contemporary design perfectly sets off the timeless beauty of the all-encompassing view. The overall impression here is one of effortless elegance, where the beauty of nature is perfectly matched by the clarity of the interior design.

9. The Green Room

The ocean is far from the only natural feature which can create an astounding bedroom vista. This room overlooks an environment so green and lush that it is difficult not to be impressed by the sheer beauty of nature. This room does, in fact, have a spectacular ocean view beyond the greenery, but as this photograph proves, even on a cloudy day this bedroom will never lose the wow factor it undoubtedly has.

Which one would you trade your room for?

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