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Mindfulness seems to be everywhere at the moment and is very on trend as a solution to today’s hectic lives that so many of us lead. Do you find yourself in middle of a conversation when you realise you’ve not heard any of what the other person has said, or walk into a room to get something but when you get there you’ve completely forgotten what it was you went in to get? These are classic examples of being ‘mindless’, with our minds so full of the details of daily life, we struggle to pay attention to the current moment and literally lose our minds! The are running an online 8-week Mindfulness Course designed to bring you back to the present.

Mindfulness is about focusing on the here and now; taking some time out just for yourself and bringing yourself into the current moment. Doing so can help you to relax, reduce stress and give you more ability to focus on the task in hand making you both more efficient and calmer. Everyone can benefit from mindfulness and while meditation is a key component it is not the entirety. Meditation has its roots in Buddhism but while modern mindfulness practise is respectful of its roots, it is not a religion and strives to distance itself from the image of people sitting in silence for hours on hours, indeed one of the most popular meditations today takes just 3 minutes!

The Reset Button was founded by Rachel Le Feuvre whose previous life was about as fast-paced as it gets, working in the world of Media and Advertising in both London and New York. With stress levels mounting, Rachel was forced to look inwards and make some changes; she altered her diet, improved her fitness, and started practicing Mindfulness. This renewed sense of clarity made her rethink her life and want the same for others and The Reset Button was born!

The 8-week online mindfulness course is based on the scientifically proven MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) programme. Each weekly lesson takes about an hour and then you practise with the guided meditations for 20 minutes a day. The sessions are guided throughout by Jess, a Mindfulness Therapist and professional Psychotherapist and by Rachel, founder of the Reset Button and Happiness Expert. You can access the course on your smartphone or computer, you also have access to a shared weekly forum which is great for discussing your progress and thoughts with others going through the course at the same time as you. There are also written lessons and reading materials to support your learning if required.

And if you’re not already convinced that this is the course for you: 100% of people who took this course said that they would recommend it to a friend and 90% rated it 5 out of 5! With one year coming to a close and a new year beginning, it’s the perfect time to begin a new chapter in your life and this is a very accessible and well supported way of doing so.

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