New Year, New Intoxicating Charlotte Tilbury Scent

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New Year, New Scent. For an extremely well thought out and lovely scent for 2017, try the new Charlotte Tilbury Scent with intoxicating floral extracts & musks.

Under the influence of Nobel Prize-Winning Neuro-Scientists Dr. Richard Axel & Dr. Linda Buck, Charlotte knows that the Olfactory part of the brain responsible for our sense of smell is directly linked to the Limbic system in our brain, the part responsible for Emotion & Memory.

Scent is the only sense to bypass the conscious hypothalamus, sparking an uncontrollable and animalistic reaction.

Working with visionary experts within the fields of neuroscience and fragrance, she has created an original magic scent. It combines intoxicating floral extracts & musks from scent history with newly-discovered seductive ingredients of the Future, to create a universal Key of Attraction.

Charlotte Tilbury says “I believe that with Scent of a Dream, you can create your own destiny through its seductive, fleurotic frequency. It has the power to attract your magical future and ignite positive memories of your past.” Charlotte Tilbury

Francois Robert is a Genius fourth-generation nose who has applied his magic to iconic perfumes for Hermes, Lanvin, Missoni, and Les Parfums de Rosine. He is the President of the Technical Commission of the French Society of Perfumers. Francois says that “Charlotte’s Scent of a Dream has what I call a ground-breaking ‘new balance’ to it, it is an entirely NEW perfume group of both Floral & Chypre. Charlotte calls it her Fleurotic frequency. It has the fresh lightness of a floral, and the alluring depth of a Chypre, without being heavy or dark. This scent smells amazingly unique and people FALL IN LOVE WITH IT! For me, the pepper and the frankincense and the violet stand out beautifully and beguilingly within the makeup of the Scent. I have worked hard on many scents to procure what Charlotte describes as a distinctive “trail” and this perfume is one of the first to actually have it. It gilds hallways!

Charlotte had an exacting idea of what she wanted the scent to be but also what she wanted it mean to people. Molecule by molecule, ingredient by ingredient, we have worked together to create a Scent of Attraction!”

New Scent. New Year. Let us make it a good one!

Scent Of A Dream

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