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Charme & Adventure offer unique perspectives and advice on how best to create your own personal, not to mention, unforgettable, luxury stay in Italy. They take the time to understand your passions and interests and then tailor-make a unique travel experience just for you to ensure that you discover your very own Italy in a way you might not have considered and certainly wouldn’t be found in any guide books or through any travel agent.

The family passion for travel began with Renato Cepparo (born in 1916), who planned expeditions in Antarctica and the Himalayas. He also planned many events worldwide, focused mostly on sport. The story continues with his son Roberto; since he was a child, Roberto loved to travel with great curiosity, trying to discover the human heritage everywhere he visited. Travelling for Roberto offers great personal enrichment and he wanted to ensure that others could share this passion. 4 years ago, Roberto started working on Charme&Adventure with Emanuele, his youngest son. Emanuele has always been heavily influenced by music and travel, his passion in life is discovering new countries, cultures and traditions and with the launch of Charme&Adventure, he finally gets to make his own passions part of his job. Emanuele sees the history of the business as core to its success today; Charme&Adventure is the subsidiary of a publishing group that specialise in multimedia entertainment and TV productions (they are a partner of National Geographic amongst others) this parent company has been operating for over 30 years. Now rather than filming travel, with Charme&Adventure they focus on the experiences of their guests and letting them discover the hidden wonder of Italy and its’ human heritage.

Unique Experiences and Passionate People
Charme&Adventure are certainly not just another travel agent; in fact, they wouldn’t even really put themselves in this bracket. The creative team at Charme&Adventure refer to themselves as ‘travel designers’ and this is a much more accurate description. This is a genuinely creative process that uses a huge amount of research and prior knowledge to craft their guests perfect travel experience; with input and emphasis on history, art, nature, food and wine, sport, fashion & design, classy handicraft, music, opera and theatre. On a Charme&Adventure trip, you’ll visit hidden gems and can be assured that you will avoid the usual ‘tourist traps’. How does learning how to make your own perfume or your favourite ice cream flavours sound?! Or tasting the very best Italian wines, creating your own blend or partaking in a full harvest experience? Or, if food is your passion, then how about a private dinner under Michelangelo’s David in Florence? The tempting list goes on: cycling adventures in the Dolomites Mountains, traditional cooking lessons, exclusive fashion events, personal shopping experiences, helicopter rides and more – genuine unique experiences that you just won’t find elsewhere. Just tell them your passions and the things you are curious about and wait for them to match these and shape them into your perfect Italian experience.

Local Knowledge and Partnerships
The guest experiences are hugely enriched by the local knowledge of the creative team and also the partnerships that the company has (which read like a list of who’s who in Italy); they work with local insiders, businesses and partners and having a seemingly never-ending knowledge of Italy. This knowledge means that you get much more off-the-beaten-track destinations and while the team don’t dispute the wonder of Florence, Venice and Rome, there is a huge amount more than just these cities to explore in Italy. So, for a food and wine lover, the recommendation may be for Piedmont rather than Tuscany, or perhaps Veneto instead of Sicily. Lesser known towns and villages where, to be honest, the experience is more likely to be authentic-Italy; less touristy and more, well, real. For accommodation, you are looking at richly historical villas, lofts and castles. And then take transport, of course luxury, but also the more unusual transport methods; how about first class ferries, hot air balloons, and private jets.

Guest Experience
The team at Charme&Adventure really want to exceed each and every guest’s expectations and will respond to all requests in under 2 days. They sometimes prefer to speak by phone or Skype to ensure that they get all the little details that each guest requires. A large proportion of their business comes from word of mouth and they value guest feedback. If this is a once-in-a-lifetime event or just an extra special trip that you really want to remember for years to come, a video and editing service is available from their in-house professional production company.

To see the other side of Italy – the human side, with all its mysteries and yet its exquisite beauty; and to ensure a genuinely unforgettable experience, look up Charme&Adventure and let them create for you a special journey in a very special country. Just make sure that you bring your most comfortable shoes for all that exploring, but don’t forget your finest evening wear too as you never know where you might end up!

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