Woman Opens Emergency Door & Jumps Out Of Plane


One way to beat the queues when exiting a plane is to open the emergency door and to jump out while the plane is still taxiing down the runway. Although we would not recommend this course of action, on Monday a women did just this. She opened the emergency door before jumped out of a United plane while the plane was running along the runway in Houston.

It was travelling from New Orleans and as it travelled towards its gate at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, this woman jumped out. One of the passengers named Hampton Friedman told the media that all of a sudden he noticed a certain passenger opening the emergency door of the plane and stepping out of it. The passenger had been sitting across the aisle and he even posted a video of the incident.

Thereafter, the lady was treated for injuries that were not life threatening. She was not charged for her actions, but she was taken for a psychological evaluation.

At Luxury Travel Diary we suggest selecting seats near the exit and waiting for the gangway or stairs to be put in place before exiting your next flight.

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