Flight Review: Lufthansa A350 Business Class


Lufthansa’s A350 planes come into circulation in Feb 2017. Based on previous business class reviews, I have outlined what you can expect in business class on this new plane below. I have already reviewed the cabins of a number of airlines currently operating the A350 are including Delta, Finnair, Qatar Airways, TAM / LATAM, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Ethiopian Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and Thai Airways.

Flying on the Airbus A350 is an altogether better experience and should also reduce passenger jet lag. It is built largely from the lighter construction material, carbon fiber, which enables a 25 percent increased operational efficiency. The A350 has a number of advantages over older jets including a quieter environment, larger panoramic windows, LED mood lighting that can simulate sunset and sunrise, lower cabin pressure, and a high-efficiency filtration system that changes the air in the cabin completely every three minutes. All this means that passengers should suffer less jet lag as the groggy feeling when you leave the plane is partially caused by a lack of oxygen when flying. Lower air pressure on older jets means there is less oxygen in the air. The higher air pressure in the A350 means there is more oxygen in the cabin which should immediately alleviate some of the problems of jet lag.

The business class cabin itself is in a 2-2-2 configuration, with rows 1-6 in the very front of the cabin and rows 7 & 8 in front of premium economy. The Lufthansa business class seat boasts a horizontal sleeping surface measuring 1.98 meters in length. At the press of a button, it converts into a comfortable bed. The seat offers flatbed, upright, or reclining seat options, additional storage space, and entertainment system. See the video below of the Lufthansa business product on their 747 for an idea of what to expect from their seats:

Which Are The Business Class Best Seats on Lufthansa A350?
I like window seats so seats marked A&K are my favorites. For quick disembarkation, row 6 is probably your best choice. For minimizing noise, row 1 is furthest away from the engines. I would always choose the front cabin for less noise, more to see, and being away from the toilets and wings (that will block some of your views). For me rows, 1-6 will always be the best choice.

Which Are The Worst Business Class Best Seats on Lufthansa A350?
IMHO rows 7 & 8 are the worst seats, being close to the toilets and premium economy and also being in the middle rather than at the front of the plane.

Which Are The Premium Economy Seats on Lufthansa A350?
Premium economy on the A350 is laid out in a 2-3-2 configuration, therefore those traveling in a couple should always opt for the windows as the worst seats are the middle of the 3 seats in the center of the cabin. These middle seats mean you have to climb over your neighbor to access the aisle. I would always choose rows A & K for the window. I would never pick the middle seats (E). All the premium economy seats on the A350 are over-wing, so you do best for views by opting for the front seats in this cabin which are in row 12.

Lufthansa Business Class Amenity Kit
Currently, Lufthansa offers its business class passengers a Reisenthel amenity kit (includes an eye mask, socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, and body lotion), a colorful pillow, and a high-quality soft blanket.

The headphones are Lufthansa branded Bose QC3s, which are connected and stored in a small compartment to the right of the seat. The audio from these is excellent.

Food on Lufthansa A350
Like other Lufthansa business class dining services, expect a small snack and a hot meal before on a flight of around 7 hours. The “snack” can be on the basic side; something like sandwiches, fresh fruit, and smoothie type juice. The main meal is usually good on Lufthansa. Dubai to Munich routes tends to offer an Arabic theme like mezze and chicken tandoori.

Also of note and appreciated, in the business class toilets, you will find mouthwash and moist towelettes. Wi-Fi is also reasonably priced on Lufthansa.

Lufthansa offers excellent service, comfortable and fully flat seats, excellent audio, great food, and well priced Wi-Fi. I highly recommend their business class product.