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For the active woman, it can be surprisingly hard to find a watch that is not only stylish but also tough enough to deal with whatever you decide to put it through – and wearing a man’s watch is just not a great style choice. The Abingdon Co totally understand this and have a beautiful range of luxury watches designed for female pilots, scuba divers, business travellers and adrenalin seekers.

The company was founded by a female pilot; Chelsea “Abingdon” Welch who understood the requirement on a personal level. After a discussion over dinner one evening with a similarly minded group of pilot and airplane mechanic friends, an idea was formed that would soon become a reality. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and prides itself on producing quality, tough watches for women that they actually want to wear. These are strong, reliable watches made of genuine leathers and Surgical-Grade stainless steel with Japanese movements and are produced using Swiss Manufacturing.

The watches split into three main ranges; aviation, dive and travel. The aviation watches are the first ever made for women that include a flight computer, they also feature dual time and chronographs, as well as crystals and mother-of-pearl – these are beautiful timepieces as well as being functional after all! They typically retail between $349 USD and $595 USD. The dive watches are designed by female divers and are typically $799 USD. Travel watches are designed to make crossing time zones as simple as possible, rather than fiddling about you just rotate the outside, so much easier! This range is typically $499 USD and has a similarly luxurious finish to the other ranges. A range of wristbands in a variety of materials and colours are available. The company also have a jewelry line which currently features the cutest collection with paper airplanes that somehow also manage to be totally beautiful!

For an extreme-activity watch that will look gorgeous on your arm as well as being tough enough to withstand your next adventure, The Abingdon Co is definitely worth checking out.

The Abingdon Co

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