Royal Jordanian 787 Business Class Review


I flew Royal Jordanian in Business Class, named Crown Class, on their from Kuala Lumpur to Amman recently on its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The plane flies in from Jakarta, before heading to Amman. The Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur is one of the few fifth freedom flights that Royal Jordanian operates. The plane lands in Kuala Lumpur and those continuing on to Amman do not have to get off the plane. New passengers flying the Kuala Lumpur to Amman leg then join the other passengers (much like on a sophisticated bus!). The plane was on the ground for less than an hour in total for this turnaround.

As an airline, Royal Jordanian only operates two classes – Crown class and economy class. Crown class is equivalent to business class in most other airlines. On the 787, there are only 4 rows of seats in Crown Class, with each row configured in a 2-2-2 (6 seats per row) arrangement. I sat in the middle part on the last row, as I value direct aisle access. In this sitting configuration, those sitting in the window seats will have to climb over someone to get to the aisle.

The Seats in Crown (Business) Class
The Royal Jordanian 787 Crown Class seats are an upgrade from their other long-haul A330 seats. The seats on the new planes can fully recline into flatbeds. They are 21 inches wide, and the seat pitch is 60 inches long. Their other planes just offer angled flat seats in Crown Class. The overhead luggage bins in the middle have also been removed on these planes to give more space to breathe.

There was a USB socket as well as a power socket on the side of the seat. There was a small dashboard with buttons to adjust the seats (the seats could also be adjusted on the side). In front of the seats was a 17-inch monitor with Royal Jordanian entertainment options. There was a decent selection of western and Arabic programs. Business class passengers also receive large headphones during the flight with noise-canceling functionality, to watch the movies.

Amenity Kit
The amenity kit provided by Royal Jordanian comes in an Aigner pouch. The kit consists of compression socks, eyeshades, a comb, a dental kit, mouthwash, and body lotion. While the kit was quite basic, there were additional items such as moisturizers and perfumes in the toilets.

Food and Beverage
While the plane was still waiting to finish boarding, the stewardesses began serving Arabic coffee and distributing the amenity kits. Shortly after, the plane took off and the meal service began. I started with a glass of Tattinger champagne.

The starter was a large dish of smoked salmon, roast beef, mango salsa, and salad. Bread was also served on the side. I was pleasantly surprised that they served all the food together, instead of picking only one of the options.

After the starter, the stewardesses pushed a tray with all the main course and side dish options. You have the option to mix and match the main dishes. As it was quite late already, I opted to try the lamb loin with thyme crust, some potatoes, vegetables, and rice. The food was quite tasty.

After the main course, the dessert cart came by with all the various cake options. There was also some liquor on the cart offered as a digestif. As I was already stuffed, I just opted to try a few bites of the cheesecake, which was delicious.

After the dinner service ended, the cabin lights began to dim as it was already around 2:00 am. I managed to sleep on the lie flatbed for a few hours, before waking up shortly before breakfast.

An hour before landing, breakfast was served. The cart was rolled out again, this time with an assortment of bread and croissants. I opted for a bowl of fresh fruits, orange juice, and coffee.

Overall, I had a good time on the Royal Jordanian 787 Crown Class. The seats were comfortable enough and could be converted into flatbeds. The mix and match food selection was great and particularly noteworthy. I would not mind flying Royal Jordanian again in the future!

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