Ostrich 2 Love Furry Handbags


What is better than a furry handbag? They offer a way to store and carry your most precious items, but with a furry bag, you can also stroke it just like a pet! Ostrich 2 Love largely produce Ostrich bags and wallets which are highly sought after by international designers, but it is their furry bags that I fell in love with!

It is of course essential that the fur is ethically sourced and supports local, fair-trade workshops. Ostrich 2 Love handbags do just that. Being a small businesses in South Africa that hand pick the leathers and furs and then beautifully hand-craft the bags with exquisite detailing.

Sarah and Bob run Ostrich 2 Love and after visiting Bob’s family in South Africa in 2011, Sarah fell in love with the country, the people, the colours and importantly, the stunning array of ostrich leather handbags! They were both struck by the sheer beauty of the dyed ostrich skins and by the care and craftsmanship that went into the products and from this, Ostrich 2 Love was born.

Ostrich Leather Products
After bringing a selection of ostrich leather handbags and wallets back and taking a stand in the Country Living tent at Burghley, they realised the potential. Following significant investment, the range has been developed and now includes Handbags, Clutch Bags, Purses, Keyrings and an array of Accessories. All of these are available in a fabulous selection of colours for which they have become renowned, ranging from timeless classics to striking, standout shades. Ostrich Leather is famed for it’s distinctive markings and durability making these products a fabulous gift and a worthwhile investment that will last a lifetime.

Unable to resist the beautiful products crafted from Springbok and Nguni, Bob and Sarah has added a selection of products made from Nguni cattle hides and springbok hides, including a fabulous collection of zebra print tote bags, springbok clutch bags and cushions. Sitting alongside these collections are an assortment of crocodile belts, cashmere scarves, ostrich feather dusters and ostrich feather keyrings.

Whichever the way, feast your eyes and make your choice from our carefully selected portfolio and wear what you have chosen with pride.

Ostrich 2 Love

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