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Curve uploads all your credit and debit cards into one single card. Apply for the £35 GBP or the £75 GBP card through my referral link you will get £10 GBP cashback (as will I). The Curve card which is accepted everywhere MasterCard® cards are and crucially Curve Card Rewards offers 1.5% to 5% cashback on purchases at 50 retailers.

Curve card benefits are:

  • A £200 GBP ATM withdrawal per month, recharged to a Visa or MasterCard credit card, without incurring any fees
  • Reduced currency conversion fees at the MasterCard rate + 1% (most credit and debit cards charge 3%)
  • The convenience of only carrying one card in your wallet (replacing the 3+ cards most people carry)
  • A well-written app that enables you to easily select which card you want to make a purchase on
  • Text notification when you make a purchase
  • Curve Card Rewards which you will get from spending on your Visa or MasterCards which are linked to your Curve Card

I believe the Curve card is worth applying for because of the rewards on purchases made at their partner retailers. Holders of the Blue Curve Card will receive 1.5% to 2.5% of their spend back as rewards points, depending on the retailer, whilst holders of the Black Card will receive between 3% and 5% back.

This a young and well-funded company with the intention of launching lots of interesting partners.

It is worth mentioning that Curve is currently targeted as the business market so you will be asked to confirm that you run your own business, are a partner or have self-employed income on top of your regular job during the application process.

If you apply for the £35 GBP or the £75 GBP card through the link below you will get £10 GBP cashback (as will I). Apply for the Curve Card. My referral code, if it doesn’t track automatically, is NRJWI. The £10 GBP is credited once you make the first transaction on your card.

Once you have taken out your card, you then need to download the Curve App where you can unite and monitor all your credit cards. Details below.

I discovered this payment card on HeadforPoints which is a valuable bible of Avios offers and travel advice.

Curve Card

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