Cheap $55/£43 Priority Pass Membership


In this article I explain what Priority Pass is, how much it costs, what it’s worth and how to get a cheap membership.

What is Priority Pass?
Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent network of airport lounges. Priority Pass doesn’t operate any lounges themselves, but rather gives you easy access to 950+ airline lounges worldwide.

Most airport terminals have at least one Priority Pass partner lounge so wherever you are traveling from, unless it is from a very remote airport, you should have no problems in finding yourself a lounge to use. To give you a taster on what you might expect from a Priority Pass lounge, I have reviewed a number of Priority Pass Lounges including the excellent Aspire lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5, the Swiss Star Alliance Senator lounge Zurich Airport, and the Marco Polo lounge at Venice airport. The newly opened Aspire Priority Pass lounge in Heathrow Terminal 3 is pictured above.

Not all lounges participate in Priority Pass, in particular those of some major airlines. For example, in the UK the British Airways Galleries lounges at Heathrow & at other airports like the BA Galleries lounge in JFK, New York and the Virgin Clubhouse lounges are excluded. American Admirals Clubs, Delta SkyClubs and United Clubs not included either.

Why is it worth having a Priority Pass Membership?
Airports are stressful environments. A lounge takes the edge off and enables you to find a seat and snack in a much lower stress environment. Airport lounges are a way of distancing yourself from the crowds and offer a better environment for getting work done. From a personal perspective, using an airport lounge reduces my chances of getting a headache when I travel.

How Do I Get A Cheap Priority Pass membership?
Priority Pass has 3 types of memberships you can purchase. Which membership to choose depends on how often you plan on visiting their lounges:

  • Standard Membership is $99 USD/£49 GBP per year: this doesn’t get you any free lounge visits. You pay $27 USD/£15 GBP per visit
  • Standard Plus is $249 USD/£159 GBP per year: this gets you 10 free visits per year, and then each visit costs $27 USD/£15 GBP
  • Prestige is $399 USD/£259 GBP per year: this gets you unlimited free visits to Priority Pass lounges

How is a Priority Pass membership worth?
This depends on how many times you fly in a class that doesn’t include an airport lounge. If you travel exclusively with any airline in Business Class or First Class you will have a lounge included as part of the ticket.

Most of us don’t travel exclusively in Business and First which is where the Priority Pass becomes very useful. I travel on British Airways in Euro Traveller maybe 6 times a year. So that’s 6 lounge stays which is worth £150 GBP to me.

If you are definitely going to to use your Priority Pass more than 10 times it is worth joining the Priority Pass directly and taking out their Standard Plus membership. Priority Pass Prestige membership becomes worthwhile at 17 visits per anum. At this point, it is worth considering a premium credit card like the UK American Express Platinum Card (with an annual fee of £450 GBP), or if you are US based you should look into options include the US Citi Prestige® Card ($450 USD annual fee, though comes with a $250 USD annual airline credit) which comes with a Priority Pass membership, and you can take two guests or immediate family members for free. The US Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express also comes with a Priority Pass membership.

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