British Airways M&S Food Menu On Short Haul Flights


Following the news that British Airways will charge for food on short-haul flights from London Heathrow and London Gatwick from January 2017, I wanted to share some of the items that are available on the British Airways Buy On Board M&S food menu with prices on short-haul flights with their prices.

Breakfast will include Greek-style natural yogurt with summer berry compote and granola (£1.95 GBP), classic fruit salad with pineapple, melon, mango, apple, kiwi and blueberries (£3.10 GBP).

Hot breakfast will include the M&S Café bacon roll with pork from British farmers (£4.75 GBP) and a tomato and mozzarella focaccia (£4.75 GBP).

Sandwiches on offer will include the Aberdeen Angus beef and red onion chutney bloomer (£4.75 GBP) and the classic cheese ploughman’s (£3.00 GBP) along with buffalo mozzarella & tomato focaccia (£4.75 GBP) and a ‘balanced for you’, spiced chicken with rice & quinoa salad (£4.95 GBP).

Snacks will include a nut assortment of almonds, brazil, cashew and hazelnuts (£1.60 GBP), wasabi peas (£1.60 GBP), salted cashews (£1.60 GBP), Oriental snack mix (£2 GBP), super fruit, nut and seed flapjacks (£1.45 GBP), salt & vinegar and lightly salted hand-cut crisps (both £1 GBP), a salted caramel hazelnut millionaire bar (£1.45 GBP), a grab-bag sized milk chocolate covered popping popcorn and pretzels (£2.45 GBP), packs of mini oat biscuits (£1.10 GBP), Swiss milk chocolate mountain bars (£1.70 GBP), the famous Percy Pigs (£1.80 GBP) and ‘The Whippy One’ (£1 GBP).

Drinks will also be charged for and expect to pay £1.80 GBP for a 330ml Diet Coke, £1.50 GBP for a 150ml Schweppes Tonic Water 150ml, £4.00 GBP for 330ml of London Pride, £4.50 GBP for 5cl of Bombay Sapphire, £1.80 GBP for Water, £2.30 GBP for a cup of English breakfast tea or Java republic coffee, £6 GBP for a spirit & mixer (G&T) and £4.50 GBP for wine.

Free food seems an inevitable loss when traveling in economy on short-haul flights, as each airline tries to further reduce their headline flight fares to beat the competition. I have already written about my disappointment in the current food offering in euro traveler with just a snack and a drink. The fact that British Airways will now charge for food will further encourage me to spend my Avios on Club Europe seats to enjoy priority luggage, more spacious seating, and a nice salad or the BA afternoon tea. The lack of food in Euro Traveller makes it more worthwhile spending your Avios on upgrading to Club Europe. Of course, you could instead fly Ryanair or Easyjet who have similarly sparse offerings.

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