British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 Club World Review


In this trip report, I review Club World, British Airway’s Business Class, on the Dreamliner B787-9. If you want to experience the Dreamliner, BA currently routes its B787-9 to Abu Dhabi, Austin, Boston, Calgary, Delhi, Dubai, Houston, Jeddah, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Muscat, Narita – Tokyo, San Jose CA, Santiago, Seoul, and Shanghai. To experience the Dreamliner B787-8 you need to be flying to Baltimore, Cairo, Calgary, Chengdu, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Montreal, Newark – New York, Philadelphia, Seoul, or Tel Aviv

The Business Class product that BA offers on its B787-9 Dreamliners is an updated version of the product that you can find on its aging Boeing 747s and 777s and pretty much identical to Club World on BA’s 777 which I have also reviewed. But while BA’s Business Class (dubbed Club World) raised the bar for Business Class worldwide a decade ago with the introduction of the first fully lie-flat seat, it is now outclassed by some of its competitors, especially those in the Middle East: Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best (and my preferred) Business Class products on transatlantic routes and the overall experience is always consistent, very good, and with a British touch. If you prefer to upgrade to first, you can see my review of First on the British Airways Dreamliner. I have also reviewed Premium Economy on the Dreamliner. British Airways features in my top top 10 best airlines for long-haul Business Class.

British Airways Club World gives you access to the Galleries Club Lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5 but not the Galleries First (exclusively for First customers and Gold Executive Club members) or the Concorde Room (First Customers only).

Club World Cabin On The Dreamliner
The best thing about the new Dreamliner is the larger windows. On this new plane, BA has also cleverly made the Business cabin much more intimate by splitting it into 2 small cabins. If you look at the seat plan for the BA Dreamliner B787-9 you will see that there is a 2 row Club World cabin (row 6 & 7), then a galley and then the Club Kitchen. Behind these are the next 4 rows of Business Class seats. Both cabins feel intimate. Although the seats themselves do not match up to the likes of Emirates and Qatar, the cabin looks classier and less glitzy than Emirates in particular (take a look at my review of First on the Emirates A380 and you will see what I mean!). I prefer the more conservative look of the cabins on British Airways.

What Is The Best Club World Seat On The Dreamliner?
I do not like the layout of BA Club World as I don’t like facing backward on the plane and 50% of the Club World seats on the 777, A380, 747, and of course Dreamliner 787 face backward. In fact, my favorite window seats all face backward! That being said, if I were to travel as a couple I would choose to travel in the front cabin (rows 6 & 7) and I would pick a window pair (A&B or J&K). For optimum sleep you want the non-aisle seats which make A, K & E the best options (although E does not have a window). The worst seats on the Dreamliner are the aisle seats which feel exposed.

Club World Seat
All Club World seats on the British Airways Dreamliner offer the same degree of comfort, with a seat pitch of 72 inches (182 cm) and a seat cushion width of 20 inches (50 cm). The angle of maximum seat recline is 180 degrees, and the overall length of the seat when fully reclined (and when tilting the separate footrest) is a 6ft (183cm) flatbed. It also has a reclined Z position for relaxing and watching films. Next to the seat, you can find the seat controls, the entertainment controls, a reading light, and a power port.

A constant problem with the seats in Club World is the fact they are so narrow. If you are sitting in the aisle seat you are likely to be knocked by passers-by or the trolley if a limb falls into the aisle and you will feel exposed to a large enough extent that it might affect your sleep.

I have covered this in a separate article here as I thought the Club World the food and wine merited their own piece.

On the entertainment front, you get a private screen, noise-canceling headphones, two USB sockets, power, and a video RCA connection for your camcorder, DVD player, or camera. The private screen is larger when compared to that of BA’s older planes. It swings out from the side of the private cabin suite. It also tilts up and down, so watching the screen from the near or fully flat bed position is perfectly possible.

British Airways Club World is not the best Business Class offering due to the narrow seat, but the Dreamliner is a great airplane with a smart interior, so if you are an Avios point collector, Club World is a great way to spend your miles.

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  • British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 Club World Review
    British Airways Dreamliner B787-9 Club World Review