What Food Will I Get On British Airways?


It is hard to miss the rumors regarding British Airways cutting the food offering across their flights, particularly on their economy (Euro and World Traveller) and their premium economy (World Traveller Plus) classes. This is supposedly in a bid to keep costs down even though their balance sheets show excellent profits after tax of £2.5 billion GBP in 2015.

I choose to travel with British Airways across Europe partially because I get a free drink and wrap or sandwich as part of the service in economy and better in business (Club Europe). I look forward to the hostess coming down the aisle simply because it breaks up even a short flight and helps pass the time. I have already written about the food offering in euro traveler which has already been downgraded to just a snack (pack of crisps) and a drink on British Airways London- Zurich flights.

British Airways will now no longer provide two meals to economy (or World Traveller) or premium economy (World Traveller Plus) customers on flights under eight and a half hours. This includes most flights from the UK to the east coast of America, Toronto, and Montreal. These passengers will get only one meal and are likely to have to make do with snacks for the rest of the flight. The choices of alcohol and complimentary snacks will not be affected. To get an idea of what you would have received pre-cuts, you can read our review of premium economy on the British Airways Dreamliner.

A BA spokesman said: “We offer customers on all of our transatlantic flights a three-course meal, bar service, and snacks, and on our longer transatlantic flights, including to the west coast, customers are offered an extra meal during the flight”.

Up to now, I do not even bother checking alternative flight options because I like this service, and I also like the competent British Airways pilots. Without food, I will consider flying Easyjet with their newer planes for future short-haul trips, and I will look to other airlines for my long-haul flights. I like in-flight meals. Sad as it may be, they help to make me feel like an international jet-setter. They make the flight more fun and more glamorous. They make flying better. The downgrade of the food offered on British Airways is a sad loss, and they will lose my loyalty as a result.

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