Vintage Leather Bags

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Vintage Leather Bags make some gorgeous handmade bags and satchels and are a great favourite of mine for carrying laptops and bits through airports. Working with independent family run workshops in India, their range of vintage style leather bags are handmade to the highest quality. Their artisans train for years from apprentice to Master Craftsman using traditional techniques passed through generations. The workshop is a community in its own right with about a dozen friends and family preparing, cutting, stitching and packing with the pride and passion which you will feel when you pick up your bag.

Vintage Leather Bags offer a choice of styles and designs to meet most eventualities. If there is something that you think will make your bag even more special and tick all the boxes, they will create a bespoke bag just for you. They believe that your bag is part of your life. It goes with you wherever you go, business and pleasure. It carries things you need to get through, things you love, secrets and memories.

Vintage Leather Bags are a luxury choice as they are built to last and to carry your belongings safely and securely. Strong seams, tough zips, adjustable straps secure pockets. All together in a very classic traditional handmade style. These are bags that are noticed, a statement of individual style, you will struggle to find a better looking satchel, travel bag or laptop bag and they are said, like fine wine, to improve with age.

Vintage Leather Bags

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