Wingman Multi-Purpose Bag For Crease Free Travel


It really is the bane of my life. You’re off on an overseas business trip, you’ve packed light to avoid having to check baggage, but no matter how hard you try, your suit arrives at your destination looking crumpled, wrinkled and meaning you look unprofessional for your business meeting. I find they seem to look just as bad whether I make the dubious decision to wear the suit on the plane or very carefully pack it! Luckily, Henty have the solution with their Wingman Multi-Purpose Bag which is designed to easily transport suits so they arrive in pristine condition.

Founded in 2012 in Hobart Australia, Henty’s founders, Jeremy Grey and Jon Gourlay, shared my passion for this irritating problem. Two years and nine prototypes later and Wingman was launched. Demand has taken the product worldwide, with further products being released with similar functions, but the same quality standard and aesthetic appeal.

The Wingman is perfect for time-poor, active business men and women and while for me, the suit-on-a-plane angle is such an obvious one, they can also be used for dresses, shirts, etc and have the huge benefit that they are weather proof making the bag perfect for cyclists. The other big advantage of the Wingman is when it rolls up to neatly package your garments, there is space for a 14 litre gym / utility bag to fit neatly in the middle. You can fit other clothing and accessories in this bag, plus there is a removable 13-inch laptop pouch too and a large external pocket for keys, other documents, etc. The Wingman comes with its own foldable hook coat hanger but you can also use it with other hangers or replace the clever folding one should you mislay it. It is very convenient to wear; the padded adjustable shoulder strap can be worn with a stabilisation strap so it won’t shift when you’re cycling or running – whether for fitness or to catch the plane! A key feature of the Wingman is its semi-rigid vertical ribs; these cleverly limit the diameter of the bag when it’s rolled up which minimises those irritating creases. This is the key differentiator over the more old fashioned suit bags which fold in half; plus, the Wingman looks a whole lot more stylish too, with a range of colour options.

The Wingman has also now been launched in a smaller Compact size, which is potentially more suitable for women. There is also a Wingman Backpack which offers the same great features as the Standard Wingman, but with rucksack style straps rather than the shoulder strap – it’s really personal taste which one you prefer. Another product in the expanding range is the Tube, which comes with both the Single Strap and Backpack options. This is basically your perfect gym bag! Using the fantastic concept of rolling just as the Wingman does, the bag has a sealed dry compartment for your dirty clothes and a separate compartment for your clean clothes. It can also fit a yoga mat or water bottle inside the roll and again has useful pockets and sections, plus is visually appealing.

So for those frequent business travellers, luxury travellers or active types, a Wingman really does ensure you arrive at your destination looking fresh, professional and ready for business; rather than a crumpled heap!


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