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I Haven’t The Foggiest, winner of Best Newcomer Award at Trade Show Dot to Dot in London, produce unique hand painted dresses for little girls. These luxury items are unique, completely bespoke and offer the wow factor to make your little one stand out at garden parties and play dates. I love them & you simply will not find more beautiful dresses for little girls!

I Haven’t The Foggiest founder, Yen, originally designed some little jersey dresses and sold them to beautiful boutiques in NYC, East Hamptons and Malibu, quickly followed by some little coats and skirts. After selling well and encouraged by Harrods of London through a chance meeting who suggested she expand the range, Yen took the leap in early 2015 to give it a go.

Having always been creative, Yen considers her clothing as a “poetic dance between artwork and clothing style. “I like the idea that the artwork and the design becomes one. It’s much more of an organic process but a delicate one as the two inform one another. Thus, my starting point begins with a feeling”… “For the Spring/Summer collection, I started off with a few favorite flowers-lavender, poppies, irises… painted in a way that seemed like they were floating in the breeze which led me to think about the setting-low light, sun twinkling on the tall grass, butterflies fluttering on a warm Summer’s afternoon. I imagined easy,romantic gathers as a platform for them to float on. I then placed them in a way where it would wrap around to the back, creating a scenery and added butterflies resting or dancing on the flowers.”

I Haven’t The Foggiest embodies the freedom, innocence and sweet simplicity of childhood transported to an enchanted world of specialness. Everyday luxury in easy natural fabrics and styles for the little ones.

I Haven’t The Foggiest

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