Eurostar Lounge Review At London St Pancras


I have been fortunate to be a regular traveller on the Eurostar since it opened back in 1994. Since then, the terminal has moved from London Waterloo to possibly one the most impressive and historic stations in the world, London St Pancras International. This is the kind of station where you marvel at the way that old has been integrated with new and it is a suitably grand start to any journey on today’s updated Eurostar.

The Eurostar lounge at London St Pancras is a nice benefit of the American Express Platinum card (you and a supplementary cardholder will get access to Eurostar lounges) and also of the Carte Blanche Card. Alternatively, if you book a Business Premier ticket, you also get access to this exclusive lounge.

The best thing about this lounge is the seclusion. The fact that you can escape the madness and stress of finding a seat in the main terminal. The St Pancras Eurostar lounge provides an escape with food, drinks, plenty of seats and a less stressful atmosphere. The lounge itself is long and thin, arranged against the side of the terminal. It has two floors and it is worth heading upstairs as the upper level always seems to be quieter.

What do you get in the Eurostar lounge at St Pancreas?
There are always plenty of magazines and newspapers available in this lounge. These included Wired, Motorsport, Grazia, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Porter and so on. The food offering isn’t huge, but if you have a Business ticket you get food on the train itself. In the morning in the lounge, the food offering is a selection of nice pastries; fresh pain au chocolate and croissants with butter and jam as well as fresh bread with hams and cheeses There is a a huge selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. I can’t comment on the afternoon offering in such detail as I mainly travel in the morning, but there is always a good selection of snacks available. Crisps, nuts, olives and so on as well as breads and cake slices. It is worth noting that the coffee and hot chocolate from the machines is good, as is the orange juice, so the offering does nicely for a continental breakfast.

In the afternoon and evening there is a self service bar where travellers can help themselves to a selection of wines, beers, soft drinks and spirits, including most recently, Eurostar’s very own gin, Toujours 21, made with Raymond Blanc and silent Pools distillers.

Is the Eurostar Lounge Worth Paying The Extra For?
In my opinion absolutely yes, as it gives you a calm and spacious environment to work in pre-boarding. If you travel regularly, it is worth applying for the American Express card to get access to this peaceful lounge or buying Business Premier ticket.

Eurostar Lounge St Pancras