Best Club Europe Seats On British Airways A320


From my experience, Club Europe or Business Class seats on European flights on the British Airways Airbus A319, A320 & A321 are the same in layout (as shown by the pictures below), with the best seats being the front seats across all three planes types. Equally the best Club Europe seats on the Boeing 767-300 and the Embraer 170 and Embraer 190 are the seats at the front too.

On the British Airways Airbus A319, A320 & A321, the seats are set out in a 3-3 configuration at the front of the plane with the aisle in the middle. The middle seat of each set of 3 is converted into a table area which separates you from your neighbour. This layout means there is extra space in the overhead lockers as there are 4 people per row rather than the 6 in Euro Traveller (Economy).

I vastly prefer the Club Europe experience over Euro Traveller, although without an offer, the expense can be difficult to justify. You can see my thoughts on whether British Airways Club Europe is worth it.

I find that the extra space enables me to work during the flight and I can happily type away on my laptop without elbowing my neighbour. Therefore, for me, particularly because I often buy Club Europe flights on Avios, it is worth booking Club Europe over the British Airways Economy (Euro Traveller) seating. By booking these seats I get an extra hour or two of work done. I also find the experience less stressful.

What Is The Best Club Europe Seat On The British Airways A320 (& A319 & A321)?
Without a shadow of a doubt the best seats are in the front row as Club Europe seats have the same limited leg room as the Euro Traveller which as you can see from the picture below, is very limited and I am a 5’7″ female! I prefer window seats so for me, the best seats are 1A and 1F. These seats are also closest to the exit.

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