Review Of British Airways Galleries Club Lounge Terminal 3


We reviewed the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge in Heathrow Terminal 3 before my recent flight (June 2016) on Japan Airlines in Business Class from London Heathrow to Tokyo. JAL does not have its own airport lounge in Terminal 3, so it shares access to the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge. British Airways offers this lounge British Airways flights departing from Terminal 3 with destinations including Denver, Cape Town, Phoenix, and Vancouver, although the majority of British Airways flights depart from Terminal 5.

The lounge is very similar to the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge South and Galleries Club Lounge North in Terminal 5, albeit it a less glamorous version. The passage to the lounge is somewhat unappealing as you have to make your way through a long tunnel (pictured below) before you enter the reception area, where you find the separate entrances to the Spa, the Business Class lounge, and the First Class lounge.

The Business Class lounge is a long rectangular space divided into four consecutive rooms: a small seating area, a restaurant, a large seating area with a business center on the side, and another seating area centered around a stylish bar. The lounge features British Airways’ signature contemporary decor that can be found in the airline’s lounges worldwide, with stylish design chairs, an oak wooded floor, and an impressive lighting fixture above the bar. A buffet is displayed at the restaurant: when I arrived at the lounge around 4:00 pm, only poorly looking sandwiches, fruits and soup were available, but things improved after 5:00 pm, when a larger buffet was offered, including several hot dishes and salads.

Overall, the lounge feels less modern and airy than the excellent British Airways lounges at Terminal 5. Terminal 3 is an older building, and the ceilings are lower, and although part of the lounge has large windows on one side with views of the apron and runway, the lounge itself feels quite dark.

From the lounge, it was about a 10-minute walk to the JAL gate.

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