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Part of the wonder of luxury travel is the ability to escape the everyday and experience something new in a totally new environment, but this doesn’t come without its risks and downsides. Like with any adventure there is the risk of accidents and emergencies abroad for both you and the loved ones you travel with and I personally find this quite a worry. I’m always keen to find ways to give myself greater peace of mind whilst on holiday so you can truly kick-back and relax without a care in the world – after all, that’s what our luxury escapes are all about. Everybody knows that you need travel insurance when you go away, but few people know that this won’t always cover every part of a medical emergency, I was quite shocked when I found this out. However, fear not, there is a great company out there, Global Travel Plus. They ensure you are covered for every kind of medical emergency including extreme-sports and hazardous hobbies, right through to more accidental alcohol related injuries no matter where you are in the world – giving you the added reassurance that you are protected no matter what.

Complete peace of mind whilst on holiday is as essential as your passport and tickets, so don’t just assume you’re covered. If you’re thinking: “I’ve already purchased travel insurance”, “I’m only traveling across the country and I’ve got great medical coverage” or “I’ve been overseas countless times and I’ve never experienced an emergency”, this may all be true, but accidents and emergencies still do happen and the last thing you want is to be in an emergency situation and find out you’re not covered! Sometimes, even the best medical coverage may not provide the full scope of services you need in an emergency as there may still be aspects of an emergency situation that aren’t included. This is where Global Travel Plus steps in to help you with everything from medical care, hospital admissions, keeping your loved ones notified of your condition, lost prescriptions, delayed luggage, transport to join the patient, care for small children and much, much more, and best of all there’s just one point of call, one phone call is all it takes to activate all of their powerful resources. They also offer a new Mobile App complete with Coverage Indicator to allow you to determine whether you’re eligible for Global Travel Plus services wherever you are.

So… what if the worst happens? Global Travel Plus will take care of you, even if you’re in a remote destination with medical facilities that are unable to treat you – Global Travel Plus will transport you to the nearest medical facility that can take care of you and treat you and then as soon as you are stable for travel they will transport you home, where you will continue your recovery. Global Travel Plus pays without any financial limit for these travel arrangements which, as we all know, can be frighteningly expensive! Throughout the whole experience Global Travel Plus will liaise with your Travel Insurer whenever needed and their highly qualified, multi-lingual, medical and assistance professionals will be there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – that’s what I call peace of mind!

There are a whole host of benefits to their services: no chargebacks or nasty financial surprises (they pay for all the services they perform); there are no maximum limits for any services and no financial limit on assistance; there’s no limit on the number of trips you take during any given year; no exclusions for pre-existing conditions; no geographical exclusions; no exclusions for extreme sports or hazardous hobbies (whether you’re climbing a mountain, white-water rafting, or diving with sharks) – you’re protected. Period.

Choose from a variety of annual coverage plans to cover singles, couples and families and then anytime you are traveling 100 miles or more away from home or you’re in another country, you will be protected by Global Travel Plus’ vast assistance resources.

Traveling smart means traveling with the best assistance and protection, which is why the world’s most savvy travellers choose Global Travel Plus as well as travel insurance and I now I include myself as one of them, but you don’t have to take my word for it as their customer comments and reviews truly speak for themselves. So next time you travel go with complete peace of mind with Global Travel Plus.

Global Travel Plus

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