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If you are looking for a snuggly soft knit to keep you warm in the evening or as the autumn approaches, take a look at
Forever We Dream. I had the chance to chat to Erika who runs the company, to find out what makes Forever We Dream tick.

What is your background and the background to your company? I have been passionate about fashion for as long as I can remember. I have a number of family members in the textile industry and I remember sewing dresses for my dolls at around six or seven years old. Forever We Dream began as a kind of epiphany of how I could connect my love of fashion with my need to do something to help others, especially other women. During my travels I have been especially moved by women I have met who have shared their struggles to help their children and are anxious only for an opportunity to improve their lives. We actively work with companies that hire women and seek opportunities to employ women wherever possible, including young women designers.

Where does the wool come from? Our sweaters are not wool, they’re alpaca (89%) from Peru. I am always very conscious of our sourcing and manufacturing and making sure that our products are ethically made.

What makes your clothes and knits special? What makes our clothing special to me more than the designs are the people who make them. They are people who are proud of their craft, which in some cases is something that has been passed down for generations, especially when it comes to raising alpacas. They’re proud of their work, not only for the work itself, but because this work is something that supports their families and their communities. When I think about this chain I don’t just think about the final product, but I think of all the places the product come from and all the people that have the materials and clothing pass through their hands. I think about the mother who can feed her kids and the grandmother who lives with them. I think of the elderly woman who is proud to still be able to contribute. It’s a whole community that comes together and with that comes caring and love and pride in what they’re making, because they put their hearts and souls into the pieces they make.

What is your favourite product? I love all our products, especially our alpaca sweaters, but my favorite product for our fall/winter 2016 collection is our alpaca coat with a handmade alpaca fur lapel.

What are you planning to do next? I’m always working on the next collection. Right now I’m working on our fall/winter 2017 collection in collaboration with Italian designers.

Where do you ship to? Our products are currently in select stores internationally.

Forever We Dream

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