Finding The Best Suite In London, New York & Paris


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For a truly luxurious hotel stay, nothing beats a suite. The extra space and amenities means that you have all the room of home, but in a business or vacation location. With so many hotels to choose from, how do you know how to find the best suite in town?

SuiteStory is your solution. SuiteStory offer a great collection of suites and will help you to compare them. Browse through pictures and press glowing hotspots to discover special features, amenities and services specially for suites. SuiteStory will also negotiate unpublished discounts on your behalf so that you can be sure to get an excellent price for the suite that you choose. Explore the world in style and stay in the suite you deserve!

You can book suites anywhere in the world with SuiteStory. If you want the best suite in Rio, a view of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney or perhaps an incredible suite in the centre of LA, SuiteStory will find it.

SuiteStory specialise in larger 2-bedroom suites. They are the only website which helps you select this size of suite using an array of filters which help you pick out exactly what you want. The large amount of floorspace that you will find in a 2-bedroom suite can make the difference between a cramped trip away and a luxury stay. Whether it is your own separate dining room, a separate living room or even a large terrace, you can simply tick a box that will enable you to see all the suites with the facility you are after.

The Best Hotel Suites In London
Whether you’re doing business in Europe’s financial capital or exploring the rich history of England, it is even more delightful to explore this exciting city in a suite. SuiteStory have selected 57 Premium 5 star suites across 25 hotels for you to choose from. Beyond this, you can select your suite by view or size in case you want to book a larger, family suite. You can also select by map and compare the amenities you want so that you pick the best suit in London to suit you.

The Best Hotel Suites In New York
New York is arguably the greatest city on earth. New York City presents a mix of culture, dynamism, charm, and chaos that’s easy to fall in love with. With its iconic yellow taxis, parks, and street-side hot dog stands New York is a city like no other. SuiteStory presents the very best suites that the city has to offer. For me, great views and next to no ambient noise makes a penthouse suite in one of the greatest hotels in the city my first choice. If you insist on a suite overlooking central park or a suite with a huge terrace, SuiteStory will find that for you too.

The Best Hotel Suites In Paris
If you are after romance, take your loved one for a sweet time in a suite in Paris. This fairy-like city is the city of light, inspiration, love, art and fashion. Paris has an abundance of interesting architecture and museums to explore, and is also a paradise for shopaholics. A special feature of many Paris suites is a balcony or a terrace, where you can enjoy fresh air or an unforgettable view. Many suites feature 2 bedrooms with extra living area, which makes group or family travels comfortable and pleasant. Perhaps you would like a suite with a view of the Eiffel Tower? Sure! If you need to be within staggering distance of the shops on the Champs-Elysées, it is simply not a problem. SuiteStory will make your stay in Paris unforgettable. In fact, why not book into the perfect suite in Paris for the perfect Honeymoon? I choose the Terrace Eiffel Tower view suite at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris. Once again, you can select by variables, so if you are only interested in suites with Jacuzzi in Paris or luxury suites in Paris you can find exactly what you want. If you have a slightly smaller budget, SuiteStory will even select you a choice of cheap suites in Paris. Whatever your travel style, SuiteStory will find a suite to match it.

If you are looking for a suite in any of the major cities of the world (or in the beautiful Hawaii), SuiteStory really is an incredibly valuable source of information, and the discounts make SuiteStory an essential website to check before making your final suite booking.


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