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Atelier Boutique is just the sort of place you need to go if you are looking for something completely unique for yourself or for a gift. Selling handmade, bespoke and high quality jewellery, candles, clothes and scarfs, Atelier Boutique is a real treat. I got the chance to speak to Carolyne who runs this rather unique shop to find out what makes it tick.

What is your background and the background to Atelier Boutiques?
After 25-years in equity trading and commercial real estate project management and operations, Carolyne Kauser-Abbott switched on her creative side. Carolyne is a freelance writer with published food and travel articles in several publications including Avenue Magazine, City Palate, Culinaire, Impact Magazine, Sommelier India and Global Living Magazine. In addition, Carolyne writes for her food and travel blog Ginger and Nutmeg and manages her digital magazine Perfectly Provence with 40+ regular contributors.

In October 2015, Carolyne launched Atelier an e-commerce website that is aims to curate top-quality artisan work – inspired by traditions. The company name means workshop or studio in French; the place where artistic concepts are developed and brought to life. The Atelier creators are all passionate about their designs, handcrafted work and the beautiful items that they produce. Atelier is not only a place to showcase unique objects, it is a place where creators stories are shared. There are two Atelier collections: Fashion Accessories (for women) and Home Decor, with new products being added on a regular basis.

What makes your products special?
The products available on Atelier are not mass-produced. These items are thoughtfully designed by the creators and handcrafted in their studios or under their direction. Items are chosen to fit within the two collections Fashion Accessories and Home Decor. The articles are crafted using high-quality base materials, such as 100% beeswax, cashmere, fine European linen, French silk and Canadian hardwoods. These are not just products these items are keepsakes = Art.Gifts.Delights

What is your favourite product?
Oh my that would be like asking a mother to choose her favourite child. I could not possibly decide between a limited edition silk scarf from France, a custom order cashmere sweater in spring colours or a one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet in stainless steal.

And, that does not include the amazing home decor items such as the vintage bee candle (100% beeswax) and handcrafted hardwood serving boards.

What are you planning to do next?
Good question, it’s funny my husband asks me that all the time. The focus for Atelier at the moment is to continue to build the community of creators (and their fabulous products) on the website. Currently, we are concentrating on mostly Canadian artisans as we feel that there are many who find it difficult to get their products to a broader audience. However, occasionally the team at Atelier finds something along our travels that we feel fits the website such as the 100% pure French lavender “wands” and olive wood mortar and pestles, both of which make exceptional gifts.

Where do you ship to?
Our shipping includes Canada, United States, France, United Kingdom and Germany.

Atelier Boutiques

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